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picked up another honda


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93 Del Sol Si

139k miles

clean title

new brakes and tires

runs good

no name header with 2 inch piping thru the exhaust to stock muffler

interior is good except for tear in ds seat

exterior has a small patch of rust on qp starting to come up but not bad yet


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price was 3k. way too much but all i could find. found some rust in ds door jamb above side skirt. kinda starting to regret buyin it after i found the rust and today took plugs out and they had some kinda metallic green stuff around the threads. hoping like hell its not a headgasket. heard it could be anti seize but heard from someone else might be burnt coolant from a past hg change.



all other del sols around my area were 2500 up. and had higher miles.

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FINALLY YOU GET A SOL!!! about goddamn time!!


looks good though, whoever had it last took care of it.. plans? swap?!? :happy:



IMO it doesnt sound bad for it having a stock exhaust

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not a stock exhaust. its 2 inch piping from header back to an oem muffler. and i found more rust under the side skirts :( gonna see what i can do about getting it fixed. leavin the z6 for now since its a daily driver and prob just add an intake. the interior i wanna add some pieces like shift knob and iv got an idea about a shift boot. the exterior will get a lip, wheels, and prob be it lol. wanna find a trunk without the wing holes and swap it. as for suspension im prob gettin some from pearce.

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Theres always rust under the sideskirts...


iv heard. does majestic honda sell the replacement pieces? i havent gotten to drive it yet cuz registration was more than i was expecting. im excited about it tho.




so far heres my plans for it



-ebay intake with k&n filter

-buddy club or apexi muffler

-harness bar (not for harnesses but for when targa is off)

-iggee seat covers

-custom shiftboot

-99-00 si wheels with yokohama s.drives

-brighter headlights and aux lights (non hid)

-wingless trunk

-possible rota jmags for summer driving

-kenwood headunit

-alpine speakers

-led gauge cluster bulbs

-tokico blues with ksport springs (to start with)

-skunk2/blox rear lcas or function 7 lcas

-energy suspension master bushing kit

-mugen or itr replica lip

-possible new carpet depending on how bad the current is. dosent look bad tbh.

-floor mats

-possible a/c delete

-one new targa seal (if the one i think is bad really is bad)

-fix rust :dry:



will also be getting ngk plugs and wires this week.

new pcv valve

royal purple 5w30 synthetic with k&n oil filter

possibly new dizzy cap and rotor button if i have enough.




and i named her Neela (tokyo drift refrence which is corny) but i like it.

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sounds like you got a steal, i would love to pick up another one, but just cant right now!



ehh not really. it has its problems that im finding out about as i go along. the guy i bought it from told me the lady who owned it before him hit a deer. when he bought it he had the front subframe brace ( guess thats what it would be called) cut off and a new one welded on, new bumper cover, fenders, one piece headlights and aux lights, hood and paint.



changed the oil to mobil1 5w30 and k&n oil filter. was gonna do royal purple but read on it and if you dont change it every 3k miles your motor starts to tick and other bad stuff. changed the air filter and pcv valve as well.



current problems- rust eaten rocker panels. replacements are 130 a piece so total of 260.

leaky targa which may be seals not put on correctly

burning oil. my guess is piston rings or valve seals which brings me to my next questions. what does everyone recommend for rings and top end gasket kit? i can get a felpro top end gasket kit for $112 or a victor reinz for $145ish




and seald power piston rings




what would you guys recommend? im looking for good quality parts that are decent on my pocket. also when i plan to do this i will be changing the timing belt with a gates racing one, tensioner, water pump and ARP head bolts.



also im gonna need a new clutch soon :( previous owner rode it like crazy or rested there foot on it

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little update i suppose. done a few things to the sol but nothing big. just maintinance stuff.



Air Filter- 139,393


Oil change and PCV Valve- 139,488


Spark Plugs and Wires- 139,997


Distributor Cap and Rotor button- 140,383


Ignition Coil- 140,383




iv been keeping all of the recipts for parts and logging the mileage that it was done. washed it and waxed it for the first time on saturday. also changed the aux bulbs from normal white ones to yellow ones.



still burning oil. fairly positive that its just the valve seals because the only time im noticing the blue smoke or burning oil smell is when im accelerating. am i right about this?



quick question. if i were to change the valve seals without taking the head off iv heard there is a way to put air into the cylinders to keep the valves from falling. how do you do this? and do the pistons have to be up on each individual cylinder to adjust the valve lash?



also between 2900 and 3300 rpm my exhaust sounds like "doo doo butter" lol. but only when its warm out. when its cold its got a nice deep tone to it. can this be fixed by changing mufflers? or does it deal with having a test pipe and resonating chamber?



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double post for pics :D


yellow aux bulbs




before her bath. this was takin at my parents house.





Tried to get some night shots after she was washed and waxed but didnt come out like i wanted





and pics i took today.







pics i like the most from today






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i still love the pin stripe.



sarcasm or no? lol im not partial to it. just havent gotten the time to take it off.

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It looks good! I love black Del Sols!


don't care what make or model,,, rocker rust is a common problem


If the rockers haven't rusted through, clean them up a little, put some Rust-Mort on them, It will keep the "cancer" from spreading.


After it converts the rust, it can be sanded, primed, and painted. It should hold you until you can replace the rockers.


I used it on my '62 Chrysler rockers and drove the car for 2 years before replacing the rockers, and never saw any additional rust develop.

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i actually like the pins, rarely see them on sols



they are cleanly done but just dont look natural imo.



lookin at some of the pics again and i realize i need a drop lmao. and body work :(

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my old blue one had white pins on it. looked nice flowing over the wheel well curves



pics of your old one? i dont think i was a memeber when you had it

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The key is: stop buying cars from Ohio. This one came from Miami with 65k on it for $4500. And white pin stripes.


Original ad picture. Take note of the palms in the background. :p




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I just cant get over how rust free it is... i HATE cars up here in ohio... its so gay, my car would look so much better without the rust.



my car is FAR from rust free. ill have to get pics of it to show. rocker panels are rusted, bottom of the door skins where they meet with the rocker panels are rusted, and quarter panel rust is starting to form under the paint.

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