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  1. welcome to the board! I am from the usa and new too
  2. hello! sexy car too! hows the scene in spain?
  3. check his head gasket? or a/c seals
  4. sounds like it need to be tuned or something
  5. you can do up to 8psi with out a tune!
  6. awesome looking! the k20 is probably my fav engine of all time!
  7. can i just say i love this car and would put a built k20 in it! just saying
  8. do you still have her?
  9. sounds like you got a steal, i would love to pick up another one, but just cant right now!
  10. do you what she hit or what hit her?'
  11. sexy car, great mods list! what she run a quater in?
  12. sounds ill you should post pics!
  13. AEM dude best cai on the market i have it in my del sol
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