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  1. REMOVE SUB, drive that bitch. it goes on about 55 (i think) and if the voltage gets below some amount, probably like 9v or something. how good of mileage are you getting? ive got a vx swap sitting in my basement that ive been looking for a 4dr to put it into... haha im jealous you got one in a car.
  2. im pretty sure that you are lying.... or your cousin is...
  3. suspension will be fine. the only thing its not good for is the bearings... but the 20' its going to roll wont notice anything
  4. looks like hit something and then hit the right rear corner into something....
  5. gx2 or the agx? either is not bad, i have full body skunk2s on my civic right now, my del sol has the AGXs with tokico springs. and the tokicos ride really smooth, the skank2s are rough but good for track. my buddy has ground controls on his car and there is a good medium...
  6. but buddy put a 14.7 down at the track with a b18c5 in an integra with wheel hop. its got an intake, header and exhaust. so it can get into the 14s pretty easy for about 5k. now, you will want suspension to back up that power. i always recommend to do suspension first. possible a brake upgrade depending on the final use of the car.
  7. i THINK those got 260s... im not 100% though.
  8. Raley

    1986 crx

    nope. sorry
  9. i think its just the pot metal they used doesn't support rust prevention very well...
  10. Oh wow. Those are first gen altezzas for a sol. You are probably gunna have to look at used lights on ebay.
  11. i dunno about border, i know the dnr do...
  12. Raley

    P05 ecu

    to get you home, it will be fine. few codes. i wouldn't run it daily though... it is for an 8 valve motor, so it will run leaner than the p06.
  13. yes, type r (in 94-01) range thats different.
  14. ebay for super charger or turbo, xenocron for the rest.
  15. my phone doesn't get pictures, can you post them up? where are you located?
  16. if you post up some pics, i will look tomorrow in my manuals and see if i can find anything. I dunno shit about sunroofs, sorry.
  17. dont worry about them... worry about the DNR...
  18. Raley

    mods to my civic

    ok, high compression cp (or other) pistons, good rods, acl bearings, port and polish, exhaust, intake, tune.
  19. we have the michigan militia... its even better once you get to yopper country...
  20. if i were you, i would look on craigslist in your area. or junkyards. not many people come on this site now a day.
  21. Raley

    mods to my civic

    since you don't plan to do the work, go to that honda race shop down the street and talk to them about what you want to do, they will be able to give you a price and help you with your project.
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