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Score of a lifetime?


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Hey guys, I'm new to the car scene and have only just started getting into it due to a recent purchase I've made. I was able to score a 1999 Honda Accord EX V6 for $75. :happy:


The story behind it is this is there was a woman who posted this car on craigslist for $900. I went to look at it and attempted to start it up but the battery was dead. According to her "the engine is dead because when I turn the key it does nothing". :laugh: So I laughed to myself and told her I wasn't interested, and that I needed a reliable car as I'm a college student looking for reliable transportation, so I left. Then, not 10 minutes later, I get a call from the old woman (her name was Pam). She said that she needed the car gone today as she is being fined daily for where she had it parked, and that I could take it for $75 provided I found a way to move/retrieve it. I immediately told her I'd be right over with my truck and chains and cash in hand. I figured if the car was truly dead, I could turn it over to the junk yard for ~$200 and make a quick profit. So anyway, myself and a friend get the car home and we immediately replace the battery with a known-working spare we had in the garage. The car turned over first try. My reaction was this:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


The only problems I see with the car so far are as follows


-Needs new rear engine mount (already purchased)

-Needs new throttle position sensor (already purchased)

-Needs a thorough interior cleaning (already done, minus what I couldn't get off the carpet)

-Needs new driver-side headlight

-Needs body work/new panels

-Needs new paint

-Needs new radio/head unit

-Needs new front passenger-side tire


The great:


-AC blows ice cold

-Sunroof works

-All electricals work

-Runs OK, aside from issues brought about by faulty TPS and rear engine mount

-Only cost me $75!



Other than that, the car is in GREAT condition. Pictures are located below.













Not bad for $75... :happy:


I also did a fair bit of cleaning in the engine bay. This is the result:






As for modifications, I'm planning on installing a cold-air intake so the car can breath a bit easier.



So what do you guys think?

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regardless of the back story a deal is a deal. He didn't beat her up and twist her arm so I wouldn't feel bad at all.


Excellent find. clean it up further for a nice car for yourself; or fix it up enough to turn it for a profit on CL; or drive it into the ground as-is since you paid nothing for it. You can't go wrong.

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I think you just took advantage of an elderly lady. Shame on you.


Not quite :crazy:


took advantage of her and did her a favor all at the same time... lol


I'd think of it as doing us both a favor at once. :happy:


he didnt make her that offer with some random excuse.. she called him and made him that offer


Exactly. She presented ME with the offer. It's not like I lowballed her down from $900 to $75 by feeding her some BS car-lingo.


regardless of the back story a deal is a deal. He didn't beat her up and twist her arm so I wouldn't feel bad at all.


Excellent find. clean it up further for a nice car for yourself; or fix it up enough to turn it for a profit on CL; or drive it into the ground as-is since you paid nothing for it. You can't go wrong.


Thanks man! I'll probably be leaving the body as-is, but will be giving the engine a well-needed tune up and the interior some TLC to make sure I can squeeze as much mileage out of this puppy as possible. :)

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Just a little update on my progress:


So far, I've replaced both the rear and front-passenger side engine mounts and the Idle Air Control Valve. Initially, I thought there was an issue with my TPS, but the mechanic took a second look at it and it seemed to be in fine shape, and replacing the IACV alleviated the issues I was having with the car throttling up and down while idling.



I am having sort of an issue with the car, though. The car will not start up cold on the first try. You need to turn the key for about 5 secs, stop, then turn it again for the car to actually turn over. I suspect a failing fuel pump and will be having the fuel system checked to see if this is the case.


I'm currently waiting on the short ram intake to arrive. In the mean time, I'll be replacing the distributor rotor, distributor cap, plug wires and spark plugs.



I'll keep you guys updated and will take pics of the final product. :)

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Update #2: Goodies!





What's this?




A nice little ram intake. :)




In picture:


-Pioneer 3200DVD unit

-NGK plug wires

-NGK plugs

-K&N oil filter

-Duralast Distributor cap

-Duralast Distributor rotor

-Spectre Breather Filter (not sure if I'm going to use it or not, though)



More pics when installed as well as a video. :happy:

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im so proud to see someone get decent quality stuff for their honda lol


i only run k&n oil filters and royal purple oil.. even though its a daily it doesnt mean it has to be crapty


Thanks! :)


I always treat my stuff well and pride myself on what parts I pick and choose. Since this is my first car as well as the first car I have ever worked on, I'm pretty new to the whole scene but I made sure to do my research and what you see is the end result! Now every time I start this puppy up I have a smile on my face because I'm the one who took the time and effort to reach this point.


I'll make sure to keep you guys posted on any further modifications.


Actually, I just picked up a couple of Bosch Icon Wiper Blades and they're fantastic! Worth every penny.

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i run rain x wipers on our cars.. pretty awesome


Yeah, I was debating on whether or not to get those, but figured since I already have RainX applied to the windshield as well as having that RainX windshield cleaner crap that I would be able to save a few bucks and grab some equally impressive yet less expensive blades. :)

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bosch parts can suck on my low hanging hairy old man balls.


Not a big fan, eh?


The bosch blades seem to cut more of the frozen slush than the rainx for me


Well I'm in Florida and the day I get slush on my windshield is the day pigs fly up my ass and play checkers in my small intestine, but it's good to know they work well for you. They should do just fine for the rain we get down here. Plus they look a LOT cleaner than the crap blades I took off. :happy:

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87 is more then fine



octane rating is just what the gas ignites at.. higher octance means it ignites at a higher temp... so for exampe a higher compression motor has a lot higher temps so you run higher octane to prevent the fuel from igniting before it should (which causes 'knocking')





throwing some seafoam or other injector cleaner in there every now and again doesnt hurt though

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