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  1. sorry for the cell pics. but this is my latest purchase, the best condition honda that ive owned 94 civic dx? hatch. excellent condition and got it for a steal of a price with the original doors ( the windows rolled up and down hard so the p/o swapped these doors on ). i think im just gonna have these painted to match. has zero rust and all i had to do so far is the pads and rotors and i only paid 830$ for it
  2. i sold everything. if a mod could please delete this thread thanks
  3. my bad mine is a 92. the only difference i would imagine there is , is a few more plugs and what not. but anywho im pretty sure it wont be any problem im gonna just pull the motor and do it that way i like having the extra room. lol.
  4. everyone hates on the D15B7 shame on you guy's. OP if money is no object then here is what i suggest. build the B7 either buy crower rods and vitara's with all the proper accessories ie bearings, gaskets, etc etc, or wait for a few companies that are in the process of coming out with much cheaper rods. then piece together a turbo kit like a holset hx35 or something and run like 20 p.s.i on pump gas (93 oct). then you will have a monster d15b7 and a complete sleeper. if money was not a problem for me i would have a 300+ whp D15b7 right now just to say i had 1. im hoping by this time next year thats where i'll be at as for your original questions. intake- pretty much any ebay c.a.i with a good filter i.e K&N etc will be fine I.M - skunk2 or blox from what i understan blox is pretty much the same thing as SK2 just cheaper header- imo either a 00'+ y8 header or dc cam- i've heard good things about bisimoto regrinds exhaust- i'd say have local exhaust shop custom build you a 2.5" to any muffler of your choice but if you have any of this done you have to keep in mind the only way you'll really feel any big difference is if you have your car tuned to get the max potential out of the mods.
  5. ok so i gotta do a clutch in my buddies 99 si with a b16 and i was wondering how much different it will be from doing mine on my d15. what i mean by that is with my d15 i found it easier to pull the motor as it gave me more room to line up the clutch and pressure plate and all that crap. so would it be roughly the same to pull the motor in the 99 si ? ( i know someone is gonna end up busting my balls for this but w.e... LOL ) also does anyone know any corners i can cut to make this a lil bit quicker. i'll be doing this off the ground all i have access to is jack , jack stands , and a motor hoist an obviously all the proper tools to do the job. thanks in advance for any help. im hoping i can get this done by starting at like 8 a.m and finishing before 10 p.m seems like 14 hours should be plenty enough time. i've never pulled a B series that i can remember so im not sure how much different it is from the D
  6. i found out the turbo i got is better then the normal t25 in the fact thats its a 60 trim. so i shouldnt have to worry so much about instant boost. i am trying to work everything out right now to get some funds towards the build now that i know its bigger then i originally thought im alot more pumped about it. if anyone has any gauges laying around for cheap lmk im looking for boost, and oil pressure, possibly a wideband o2 and gauge. also oil lines a vac manifold and i think thats about it. cant really think of anything else right now. pm me and lmk what you got and a price. if your not a well known member on here then dont bother
  7. i actually changed the setup a lil. i think i posted a thread on here with the direction im taking, but ill let you know as of right now i have a t25 60 trim , cx racing fmic and piping, hf manifold, i'll be getting some high impedance 440cc injectors, 1g dsm bov, adapter plate for hf to t25, auto meter gauges, chip my po6 ecu etc etc. i already have everything lined up just waiting on money to come in. im between jobs atm so i have 0 dollars to invest in the build
  8. yeah this.... dont mind me as you can tell im not a ford guy however i do like the late 60's mustangs.
  9. wow nice brian i been on another forum for like a month or so good to see you finally got your car back. there are alot of good tuners on the west coast just all depends on where you are. i wanna see you race something worth racing like an f16 or something lol j/k but seriously find something better then a stock cobra to race. if your gonna race a cobra race a kenny built cobra like this for instance http://www.streetfire.net/video/cobra-outruns-cops_172313.htm lol on another note i found out that t25 i have is a somewhat rare t25 .60 trim i was told its basically a t3 60 trim in a t25 shell i was like woot higher rpm powerband lol
  10. its ok xeryon i miss the shoutbox too

  11. nice work cranny, have you picked out a color scheme ? im curious to see how this all comes out keep up the good work
  12. idk i'll see how it goes if i blow it up it's gonna suck. but i do have a spare complete b7 in my garage. not that it justify's blowing up a perfectly good motor you must have bad luck then cause my previous cars motor. took 330k of normal driving , before i got it and beat the piss out of it everyday for 3 months before it grenaded a rod. and that was partly due to me advancing the timing and raising the c/r . but the motor in my car now only has like 140k and it was in an auto before that and some old guy owned it since it was on the showroom floor he had all routine maintence done up untill his timing belt tensioner let go then i fixed it all up and have put about 5k on it with no problems yet. i might just buy an a6 block and throw that in before i go putting the turbo on. it all depends on what kind of deals i can find around here. it'll be either a a6 or z6 block if i do end up changing it out. i been reading about the a6 strokers and those seem to be somewhat bullet proof till like 450+hp not on stock internals of course but on stock block
  13. im pretty confident i could solder the ecu, ive had to solder mother boards for computers and rc's. i just never messed with ecu's and thats a lil intimidating cause your car isnt gonna run without it done right . so i'd rather just buy one ready to go yeah im gonna go with a conservative tune. i'd like to have around 200whp but if thats gonna make any problems for my stock block then ill hold off a lil for reliability.
  14. all i have to say is WOW how does one come across something like this? imo you have entirely too much spare time lol if someone did that to me i'd be tempted to run the person over
  15. i know how to solder i just never taken apart an ecu and messed with pins and such so its makes me a lil nervous to try it. if i had a spare ecu i'd try it but im a dumbass and forgot to pull the one out of my parts car before scrapping it. as for tuning im gonna leave it to the pro's till i have a chance to learn more all the crap involved with a good tune. gonna be picking up a 1g dsm bov at some point. just got a response from CL $20 woot woot first bit of change going into it lol i cant wait tho knowing i have all this stuff kills me. i just wanna get everything else and start putting it together already
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