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  1. skunk 2 is good, never really understood why everyone hated them. guarantee sarah is just on the hate bandwagon with no real experience...
  2. re size your pics, they are massive.
  3. should hae got the 195's dude so you wouldnt have had to raise it. what brand and such did you go with?
  4. get the koni yellow/gc combo from weak sauce, if you want it stiffer then ask what spring rates they have and you can pretty much get whatever you want.
  5. adamEj6

    Da9 issues

    im surprised you dont know, after all you are the jdm tech ops right?
  6. everyone on this forum sucks but you...

  7. youre pretty ignorent if you think a ferret wont bite. they should shoot the parents in the head for being dumb fcuks.
  8. thats bad ass, good deal dude.
  9. adamEj6

    Still no vtec

    what motor what car? you need to give more info.
  10. post a pic of you holding said $50k and your username written on a piece of paper.
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