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I miss my family


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I am back. I miss my HF forum family. Ever since I joined the navy I have been moving around. I finally settling down. I am in bremerton Washington/ seattle area. I Just bought me a 97 civic HB. I love the thing and got a big list of thing I got planned. Will post pics the moment I can.


I am station upon CVN-74 John C Stennis. Greatest aircraft carrier in the navy. I Will be going on a 3 week deployment in a few days and will try to get on the forum as much as I can underway. I miss chatting and BSing on the forum. I miss chatting with lina and such. I Dont own the del sol anymore or my ef hatch both with new owners. Sad but I miss both cars.


Well I see some updates on peoples myspaces but I gotta alot of doing to catching up to do.


The big plans are for to go from a auto dx hatch to si clone with either h22 or b18. most likely h22. I am even doing the power options conversion. The car is absolutely stock with 137k and has d16y7. All right guys I will post pics in a bit. I cant wait to get some feedback. anybody in the big WA let me know.

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Thanks guys, its been a good while since I have been on but I used to live on the forum. I will try to post pics but if I can't then I will post them when I get back from this underway, its so stock you guys would laugh lol I even have hubcaps on the rims lol.


H2b would be nice but is expensive but the h22 is not to bad on price. About 2.5k for complete jdm swap from hmotorsonline.com. after motor comes si swap parts and even power options swap etc.

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W/B dude, and btw your lucky, you coulda gotten stationed on the sh!ty kitty, so gratz. you ships company, squadron, I level? Im up there quite a bit (live in portland, but have a lot of friends stationed at whidbey) i might have to swing by the boat corral and come see the hatch.

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welcome back :) miss you too....how you doin? and nice new car list of things to do...post pics :D


Yup lina. I am back on my whore forum. and I will tell everybody soon about the plans for the car.


Yes sebsol I am back on here. Its been a good long time since I have been on her.


@cmgogo, no way. that would be awesome to meet you and i would be glad to show you the hatch. its stock and such now but its a work in progress.

but the lovely kitty hawk is decommissioned and they dumped it on our base lol. go us.


here you go, some quick pics. my friend had to pose for them. I will snap much better ones soon.





and without my friend



let me know what you think. completly stock which i love and is a great project. I pick the car up for 3 grand and the kbb on it is 4,100 right now.

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still not used to the new uniforms. the khakkis look like ass, prefered the johnny cash's and the ice cream suits, but then again i was always in either green or blue coveralls. I think i wore my utilities 3 times once i got out of A school, and all the other uniforms maybe 10 times for change of command/retirements/etc.


what rate?


and ill be up in whidbey around april 5th for a few days.

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I am a MM, I work in the reactor department. I think the new uniform is pretty cool looking but I hate the peanut butters/kakkis and the john cash's are awesome.


I get back april the 1st or 2nd and I will look forward to seeing you on your way up from portland, I will pm you my phone number and such so we can get in contact. I miss my del sol. I cant wait to see yours.

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very nice to meet you for the first time lovin the EK just keep it clean :)


Dont worry it will stay clean so you dont have to worry I have never riced out a car and will never do that in my lifetime. Dont worry.



Just building my new motor right now. Body and appearance can wait plus it will be a insane sleeper.

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