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  1. yeah when it comes to buying the tranny i will make the decision. and thanks lina for the comments. I finally pulled the motor out the truck, got off the harness, dizzy, tranny, about to get the intake manifold off and i will swap a obd 2 intake, dizzy and use my civic injectors and get a hydro tranny so i can get it into the civic and later boost it. i will rewire the alternator and get everything else working. I cant wait. I am doing my homework every night on this project. I will ensure I am totally prepped when it comes to getting this motor going. plus i gotta do a auto to manual swap on top of it. I am totally ready for this. haha.
  2. Thanks guys, i am glad you guys are supporting the build and yeah its pretty Badass that its a ek hatch. Damn i didnt think the a1 head was that restrictive. Well right now i am on budget build so the plan is to boost the stock block but upgrade the rod bolts since i already know the b18a1 and the d series has the SAME bolts. sad isnt it. but later on it decide to stay b18 i can buy a spare ls bottom end and get the works done then swap it in. but for now i am will boosting the stock block but and since i am on budget build i will probably swap the motor in as is now since i know it runs and i even drove it before taking it out, and gather my parts for the boost project. it makes it so i can enjoy the b series a bit more plus save money for a decent turbo, i dont wanna go cheap on one. plus my auto tranny is just about had it with me. so the sooner i can it get it out the sooner i can sell the d series for some turbo money. now question for you guys. since the ls has longer gears and i dont have much of a rpm band since the red line is 6500 possibly 6700 for the ls. should i get a hydro ls tranny so i can hold in the boost longer or get a gsr tranny since it has shorter gears and possibility of lsd but has less time while boosting? btw my whp goal is 250. that is all i want and from what i read 250 is pretty easy to get and still be reliable. i am not asking much just a fun b series dd.
  3. yeah i know but out all my hondas i have never had vtec and i riding in a h23 swapped hatch and it was pretty quick then a boosted ls eg hatch and that thing knocked my socks off. I wouldnt mind vtec but this is a budget build and I could possibly flip the car for one with vtec and boosting a d series is scary. have you seen the rods? toothpicks my friend. B16 is pretty expensive and for roughly the same price i can go gsr. Maybe one day I will own a vtec powered honda.
  4. looks like something you find in a fwd 80's corolla.
  5. Well I hate being indecisive but things are leaning towards more of a ls turbo. the parts are easy to cross and right now i am budget building and i keep reading negative things about ls vtec. I got my motor. I will post pics for you pic whores.... I got the whole deal for 340 from a 91 integra. i know i know before you blow up the thread about obd0 and my car is obd2a i got this covered and swapping the motor to obd1 and running a obd2a to obd1 ecu adapter. I am just gather parts and selling off the parts I dont need. My Hp goal is 250hp I dont see why I cant get this kinda power with a decent setup and a good tune. I am deciding how I wanna tune it. any recommendations for tuning software/hardware. Here are the pics. Dont worry the tranny is swapping to a hydro one. Tranny code my axles too The ecu attached to it I hate changing plans but somehow this all worked this way.
  6. That is insane. I wish i had a del sol again, totally would pull that off.
  7. http://honda-tech.com/showthread.php?t=2763036 I will give him 1Up for all the effort and such he put in to get this going. and it came out looking pretty good. Reminds me of the civette. (corvette powered civic)
  8. Alright huge update. In plan simple reasons the h22 project went south. various reason. I did get a 32 widescreen out of trading left over parts. but I am still doing the auto to manual and i am going with a B18B1 ls. My friend has ek b series parts left over from his type r like hasports, axels, linkage, ecu, etc he is going k series. I am picking up the b18 tonight. I will snap pics and I might go ls vtec. debating. Sorry to get peoples hopes up. Plus i might pick up a 240sx as a toy. the drifitng bug has bite me once and i keep wanting to go back to 240sx's this one will be my 4th one. Maybe i should just stick with my honda for a while. and dont worry I will update as I go. and even include pics So crossed off the to-do list Rebuilt and fixed door locks. Getting ready to paint front end. Got a new stereo (tape player wasnt cutting it) I am thinking if i can remember anything else..
  9. H2B or H2D. That is the question.

  10. Of course I was doing research for my ek h2b build and I came across someone building a f2d and I saw that the the f2d kit also fits the h series and will still fit in my car for about the same price. Weighing the benefits of each side of the swap. here is what I have come up with. H2B Pros: More popular swap (hybrid wise) Swaps in the car like a B series. More support on parts and options like different h2b kits. Easier to find a tranny with a lsd in it. More options of gear set ups without building (ex itr, gsr, ls, b16 etc) Cons: Gotta buy all the b series swap parts. (si shift linkage, b series axels etc) Transmissions are more expensive, alot more abuse on tranny, harder to find. More expensive cause of extra purchases like new mounts etc. Gotta buy the L bracket for a b swap. H2D Pros: Swaps in car like a stock D series (for the most part) The car already came with a d series so reusing of parts like shift linkage axels etc Cheaper Transmissions Much easier to find low milage, less beaten trannys. Easier to find different gears and indiv. parts. Uniqueness. I dont know anybody running h2d besides whats on the internet. Cons: Less of gearing options (dx, ex, si setups) "rumor" of weaker trannys. Less aftermarket for d series Gotta buy a aftermarket lsd for most trannys. Both of the swap still have fitting issues like I gotta shave crank pulley, elimate the balance shafts, use a SOHC alternator. so I am still faced with that issue is just the question of which tranny to go with. In my case. I got a friend back in GA willing to ship me d series shift linkage and tranny (either dx or ex cant remember) so if I go h2d I got it easy. What do you guys think? Feel free to add anything you know or wanna share.
  11. Yeah you got the right idea. I putting most of the money into the motor and I will start building it back to oem spec shortly. But right now I am trying to figure which bearings and rings I need to order. I am trying to use the stupid chart in the service manual to find the correct bearing colors I need. Its not helping and a tad bit confusing. If anybody knows about what I am talking about then please lend a hand. Statis update on parts. A friend of mine in ga is in desperate need of a h22 throttle body and he is going to trade a minty set of ek manual pedals brake clutch and throttle just in case and I send him the throttle body. I was going to get a bigger one anyways so its really no loss to me. Now I need a b series tranny, shiftklinkage, axels, and ecu and h2b kit and little nick nack parts and I should basically have everything I need for the swap.
  12. Yeah really. The 99-00 one looks a bit more aggressive, fresher, and in better condition then mine. The hardest thing is finding someone parting out a whole 99-00 cause I also want to do the dash swap for the sweet double din radio slot. I also am looking for a 96-98 ex part out cause I will be doing the power options swap. I love power windows and locks and mirrors. Its one of the things to do on my parts list. like i still need that little clip that holds the cup holder lid down. mine is missing. so yeah. I got BIG plans for this car. just money and finding the parts are the hardest thing right now. anybody parting out a 96-98 ex or basically any ek let me know. I cant wait to get this project rolling. I am going to take my time. I gotta force my self to cause I have a tendency to rush things and forget something small like a stupid L bracket this swap or something.
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