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Sometimes I am ashamed to Live in SC


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okay so the show im going to at the end of the month is put on by dropjaw.. tiny thing they do all over the east coast.. good bit of ricers but it can still be fun and you get some nice cars sometimes


anyway they started a 'chic clique' thing.. guessing a copy cat kinda thing from 'nopi chic' stuff


so i stumble across the "show cars" of the south carolina 'chic cliques'.. me and chris were laughing so hard at these cars.. you should to:





the frontier, f-150, and cavalier are probably the funniest


the wide body scion just makes you say wt f mate?


and its even funnier that if you look at their profile everyone of them says they are only into cars cause of a boyfriend/husband.. (guessing a guy did the wide body scion.. had to be)

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Where and when is the show?




myrtle beach.. feb. 27.. last couple years its been at broadway at the beach but this year its at one of the hooters on kings highway


we are drivng down friday night and staying friday and saturday night.. its pretty fun normally.. some nice cars.. other cars are fun to laugh at lol


heres the site:




i hope they dont ask me to join that stupid chic clique crap.. ill tell them i dont want to be associated with those people



i mean lambo doors on a f-150?

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scion with wide body kit that is so obviously all her boyfriends/husbands doing = fail




*oh and the white/pink eclipse from NC is actually badass.. doesn't have a good pic of the hood but its like a crazy evil pink teddy bear holding a bloody knife.. and the airbrushing is awesome on it.. saw it at nopi few years ago..think it won best overall.. the wing and rims are hideous though..


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oh yeah... Gorden and I definitely had a giggle at the wide body kit one. But the other one's pretty clean and nice looking.


yeah, i saw that one too- i wasn't really sure WHAT that was on the hood. lol.

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yea but come on, there has to be a limit somewhere


if these were just random cars in someones yard they would be fine

but the owners obviously think highly enough of them to put them in shows and online as a "car club"


and there in lies the joke lol

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