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Drew,   The new design and look of Hf is great! alot more friendly and less boring than the old HF. Keep up the good work!

Agreed. It's looking good Drew, nice update! Many thanks for the time you put in to the forum.

So no shoutbox and harder to navigate from what I have seen so far? How is that good??

Well Sol Society has same layout, but still have shoutbox, so maybe it will be added?? Also can a latest posts box be added like the latest topics box?? Maybe a bit bigger as well so you can see all of latest posts? Because I for one am not going to search each catagory to see if any thing new was posted.

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Thanks to those who appreciate the new upgrade. We all fear change and the new layout only takes a little bit to get used to. Just give it a chance.


I was up till 6am getting the site updated so forgive me if I haven't had a chance to get everything back in order (shoutbox), etc...

Instead of shoutbox, I might just implement a chat room, which would be much easier from my end.

Still need to clean up the profile page some yet as well as a few other things.


Yes, there is a "newest posts" link in the upper right if you just look.


I had resisted upgrading to the latest version of forum software for months, but it came time to finally do it as it adds a lot of features I've been needing, especially on the backend. Hopefully there will be more things to come.


Now, i'm going back to bed since i've only had 2 hours sleep. :crazy:

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it's... different?


not sure if I like it or not. but gimme a chance to explore first.


edit: okay. I REALLY hate the interests being listed under the user info on the sidebar in topics. That HAS to go. it's irritating.

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a chat room would be good, would keep the forum pages a bit cleaner... (less stuff to scroll through to read new posts at the bottom of each thread). When the forum was changed time, I'm pretty sure there were a few haters anyway, everyone got used to it though.


One problem I'm having with it, is that my browser (Firefox on Mac snow leopard) is having some speed issues when scrolling through pages...like it'll scroll nice n quickly through the posts, but some thing at the top of the page is slowing it down somewhat... no biggie though. Anyone else coming across this?


And lexi, just get rid of your interests, or some of them, as you have listed pretty much everything under the sun. But yeah I agree it would be best to keep that just to people profiles.


I'm liking the new Status bit!

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lol seb. that's only a small, SMALL amount of interests. :p

but, i see it as a completely irrelevant thing to have on every single post- if you're that interested about someone, its not like it's exactly difficult to click on their username and view their profile. If anything, the mods section should be shown- although, there's not much point to that either.

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a chat room would be good, would keep the forum pages a bit cleaner...

Added the Chat. It's similiar to how the shoutbox was before, except it doesn't display on the main page as before. Works rather nicely actually...


Yes, the "interests" stuff is part of me cleaning up the profile pages yet. I'll get to that now.


**no I couldn't sleep knowing that there are issues with the site that were bothering people**

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it's fine, i liked the old layout better simply because i dislike change, but it's fine. can i save and attach directly from my comp. yet or do i still need to use a photo site like photobucket? cuz if i could i'd be a happy camper.


edit: and a dark skin would kick @ss, all this white is blinding.


edit2: preston, your site was nice, i just didnt play well with others so i stayed away.

Edited by s_adbell
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At first its like ah the old one is better. That is just because you were used to it. This new layout is much better and there are a lot of little extras that I've noticed.


Good job Drew


edit: ps whats the two stars for next to "staff"


Edited by airjordan223
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