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Official 2009 NFL Thread


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Alright 2009 Kick off has begun....let us discuss....



Go Cowboys!!!! Yea thats right my boys started slow but ended strong!




Brian Urlacher is apparently done for the season after the wrist injury, but I guess he had surgery afterward and I was ready he was "Done for the Season"


Troy Polamalu is out 3-6 weeks with a sprained MCL


Donovan McNabb is questionable, he may play next week but it will be discussed throughout the week...although its not for another week, Im kinda excited to see what Michael Vick can do in week 3


alright, im out for now...but again Go Cowboys! LoL

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now i dont have to watch boring baseball "highlights" in the morning on sports center


You can go kill yourself now..





Falcons won. We have a pretty tough schedule this year, but we should be alrigth.

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vouch on bengals


i may live in new england but i'm from OHIO and will allways be a buckeye


im a big bengals fan. they almost went to the SB the year kitna got hurt. i think he tore his acl ?


buckeyes are a very young team this year. i want to see them and USC in the rosebowl

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Thats the beauty of him playing with the vikings. He doesnt have to. He has a great running back. Something he never had in greenbay. The running back will take pressure off him to be the bret farve of 10 years ago.

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