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Anyone know any good club bangers i could have some fun listening to? Something nice to drive to, especially when friends are in the car, you know what i mean? I need something to push my sound system. Hiphop/dance are welcome. I have enough rock but need to broaden the spectrum of my newer hiphop/club music library. Let me know what's up :)

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know any good artists/songs? I already have all the the typical stuff, like sandstorm and insomniac. Played out techno that everyone already knows need not apply :). I like a lot of the club bangers/hip hop they play on the radio these days. I just don't know the names of the songs.

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a lot of the great songs are in the "what are you listening to?" thread, by me and SIR_VTEC...


Paul Van Dyk - Politics of Dancing CD's 1 and 2 <---my favorites...

Armin Van Buuren - State of Trance


Motorcycle - As the Rush Comes

4 Strings - Take Me Away, Diving, Sunrise


Chill station on XM...

or "state of trance" radio...


:D have fun!

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Yay for techno/trance/dance music lovers! Good call to all suggestions so far :D



I don't know if anything I list is going to fall under the "played out techno" category but I'll list some of my favorite artists for the car.


Boys Noize (& down, shine shine, lava lava)

Ghostland Observatory

Röyksopp (Happy Up Here - Boys Noize Remix) + the song Alex mentioned)

The Prodigy



Crystal Castles

Benny Benassi


Alice DJ (Da na na)

Kreo (Burn For You)

Candee Jay (If I were You)

Kernkraft 400 (Zombie Nation remix)

Gunther (naughty boy, touch me, ding dong song)




I forgot to add, the guy from Ghostland dances like a mutherf**ka :laugh:


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Ryan, that's the best! :D


draft punk is always nice i guess lol


and then theres a dance style called hardstyle which is fkin sick i wana learn this sometime.

But the music too this sh*t is beast.

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theres a good cd out called dance party i think. its got some good stuff on it. ill find it on amazon and send you a link.



also ddr music.

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