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Anyone know any good club bangers i could have some fun listening to? Something nice to drive to, especially when friends are in the car, you know what i mean? I need something to push my sound system. Hiphop/dance are welcome. I have enough rock but need to broaden the spectrum of my newer hiphop/club music library. Let me know what's up :)

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know any good artists/songs? I already have all the the typical stuff, like sandstorm and insomniac. Played out techno that everyone already knows need not apply :). I like a lot of the club bangers/hip hop they play on the radio these days. I just don't know the names of the songs.

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a lot of the great songs are in the "what are you listening to?" thread, by me and SIR_VTEC...


Paul Van Dyk - Politics of Dancing CD's 1 and 2 <---my favorites...

Armin Van Buuren - State of Trance


Motorcycle - As the Rush Comes

4 Strings - Take Me Away, Diving, Sunrise


Chill station on XM...

or "state of trance" radio...


:D have fun!

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Yay for techno/trance/dance music lovers! Good call to all suggestions so far :D



I don't know if anything I list is going to fall under the "played out techno" category but I'll list some of my favorite artists for the car.


Boys Noize (& down, shine shine, lava lava)

Ghostland Observatory

Röyksopp (Happy Up Here - Boys Noize Remix) + the song Alex mentioned)

The Prodigy



Crystal Castles

Benny Benassi


Alice DJ (Da na na)

Kreo (Burn For You)

Candee Jay (If I were You)

Kernkraft 400 (Zombie Nation remix)

Gunther (naughty boy, touch me, ding dong song)




I forgot to add, the guy from Ghostland dances like a mutherf**ka :laugh:


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Ryan, that's the best! :D


draft punk is always nice i guess lol


and then theres a dance style called hardstyle which is fkin sick i wana learn this sometime.

But the music too this sh*t is beast.

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I could write a list that could go on for days...


But seeing as you called Faithless' Insomnia, Insomniac. I shall not. You Fail.


I'm making a new mix this week I can send to you, already recorded it a couple of times but I fked up, so gotta redo it! Got some new CHOOOOOOONS.


If you use torrents (don't lie, everybody does), go to these links.


This is a proper awesome album, nice mix of new tunes with classic dance bg's: Mash Up Euphoria, http://www.demonoid.com/files/details/1801866/27035250/

To be honest all the Euphoria albums are pretty fking awesome, I dunno if you get them over in the states. But theres a nice wide range of dance music, ranging from chilled house, classic trance, to hard house. The hard house euphoria's are sick!!!


And you REALLY need this selection of albums in your life, the FabricLive series of albums (basically Fabric is a club in London, and they release a mix CD every month from one of the people they have playing there, and they have the best DJ's about playing there. A few of the albums are pretty awesome, some are a lil tame, but theres a crap load there for you to pick and choose from.



I highly highly recommend the Fabriclive 39: DJ YODA album, seriously now, it's perfect. A nice mix of hip-hop, a lil dnb, real funky cd. GET IT NOW OR BAN.

Also I know I'm posting links to torrents, and it's probably a no-no on this site, but guys if you like the music, buy it, I ain't trying to get you to steal music, I just show the way lol.


Also, if you really want a tune to push your system, I'll email you a track (as it's fairly impossible to get hold of) PM ME YOUR ADDY.

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will do... i did a few mixes last week, not really perfect though! I'll stick one up today though for ya.


anyone else want some D&B mixes of mine, PM me you email address and I'll invite you to my Dropbox (online storage). (ok I know most of you will be like "drum n bass, wtf, hell no", but give them a try)

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