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This could be mine for $6k


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In case it expires, these are the details:


got a 92 civicmag-glass_10x10.gif hatch with peak boost turbo kit on b18c1 built, running 15 pds now on base map needs fine tune, as it sits doesn't catch traction till 3rd. here's the mods


wiseko .20 over 9.0 to 1 pistons

eagle rods

eagle block guard

machined balanced crank

arp studs

ferra valves, springs, retainers

oversized valves so bored out cylinder headmag-glass_10x10.gif

comes with gsr cams and comp cams 278in 284exh

titan cam gears

blox intake manifold

edelbrock 65mm throttle body

rc 750cc injectors

fidanza flywheel

stage 3 clutch

peak boost turbo kitmag-glass_10x10.gif

garrett .63ar .57exh 60trim hybrid turbo

tial 44mm wastegate with vband clamps installed on manifold

tial blow off valve

boost,oil pressure and exh temp cobalt gauges.

k teller 3in exh

full suspension tokiko

skunk2 lower control arms

front strut bar

gram light 57c wheels

barely used kumho tires

::parts not installed but included::

hondata s100 new in box

hks carbon ti muffler 3in

powerslot plus rotors for 92+ ex or si

tial 38mm wastegate


i have over 23k invested in car and everything i have, it is currently primered ready for paint, i have a mortgage and a 3month old baby, and am realizing i never will be able to complete this car, i have worked on it for 3 yrs, and have to let it go, to who it falls hands to will get a great deal and a virgin of a car cause i havent raced it just tuned what we could with my short budget and is waiting for someone to fine tune and finish what i started. car fires right up on first lick, only flaws with car is it needs to be tuned, it will get to much fuel once driving warmed up and getting on it, just tries to die but runs very strong, took certified honda mechanic local in ride said motor was perfect and didnt wanna ride in the car again once it was tuned due to how fast it was... second thing is it needs the wheel bearing replaced on passenger side, good news is i already bought the part and its ready to be installed. should be pushing 300+ whp now on 15 pds motor good for 500whp with block guard if sleeved it would be ungodly amount of hp. The turbo maxes at 450 - 475whp, did that on purpose.

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I could make over $5k parting it out. I'm gonna offer it to him.

I figure

2000 - longblock

1000- shell

400- tranny

1500- peakboost kit

300- exhaust

500- gram lights

100- hks muffler

150- s100 (im not sure what its worth actually)

100 or so - rotors

150- tial WG



Thats $6,600 not counting little stuff like tow hook, gauges, ecu, etc.

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pfft im not made out of money!


plane ticket home was $850+


im getting that one thing from you plus the few essientials from honda and advanced when i get home, the rest is travel and beer money :thumbsup:

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No sh*t..


Dunno if Rob ended up parting out all his ls-vtec setup or what, but it took some TIIIIIIME to get what he DID part out gone.

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Those prices I posted were on the low end and just off the top of my head. Those prices are pretty much if I wanted to get rid of everything really fast. I was just making a point. I will not be held to those. I gotta do a little research and find out what everything is really worth. Also, condition of parts will play a role in pricing.

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So are you parting it out for sure or what?


And I'm really considering scrapping up together money for that turbo kit, but do I get a Hondaforums discount haha? What all would be included in the turbo kit if you do sell it bro? And any price guess on rims/tires setup?

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Prices in time.

Pics / Vids in time (i havnt even posted pics of the s14 240 I picked up monday :ninja: )


Turbo kit would be totally complete with tial wg, tial bov, garret turbo with like 100 miles on it, all piping, oil lines, t-bolt clamps, fmic, tubular ramhorn mani, each and every piece you would need besides injectors, fuel pump, exhaust, tune.

I'm leaving the 750cc RC's on the engine with the intake and 65mm TB to be sold as a "boost-ready" engine. I'm thinking maybe $2500 for the engine. I mean it's got eagle/weisco bottom + BG w/ ARP and and full ferra valvetrain + headwork. All the parts included with the intake, injectors, TB, etc would total more than that, not to mention the b18c1 that holds all these parts together. Killer deal.


Oh and jerrodh, the dude I got it from said somebody had offered him $700 for the the wheels/tires but he couldn't sell them because it was still on ebay. I actually got it like a day or so after the auction ended. The tires, btw, are seriously like new. Even the fronts. This thing was a work in progress. The guy never drove it besides a couple test drives. And then I drove it the 30 miles home. Plus it has perfect camber. Oh and the rims themselves are 100% flawless. So I'm thinking at least 700. But again...I gotta do some research.

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That is a killer deal on the motor considering you'd pay $2250 shipped for a stock b16. :(


I'm serious bout that turbo kit dude, I'll be in Nashville for IA for sure, so don't be in a hurry to sell that crap before talking with me some!


Sweet buy btw!

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