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    b17 [ high comp pistons, shot peened rods, port and polished itr head, race bearings] cold air intake, stay with me crap is expensive lol. Still rockin the ls hammers. ;'\

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  1. bluebyu

    B16 help

    Ok, I'm building a JDM B16A and I have itm pistons (.040"/1.00mm)(82.00mm) with 5290 steel h-beam rods and was wondering if wristpin retainer clips are necessary since the kit didnt come with them. I have built motors that didnt use them and some that have. Any info will be greatly appreciated. If they are necessary does anyone know where I can order them besides a Honda dealership. Thanks, Thomas.
  2. bluebyu


    Ardmore, Alabama, tennessee line.
  3. bluebyu


    6 1/2 gen coupe or 6 gen hatch if i can locate a shell.
  4. bluebyu


    The d series is for my daily...
  5. bluebyu


    Rockin the ls for now. upgrading to the k series here in a few weeks to get a taste on it.
  6. bluebyu


    The hour and 30 minute drive to work and an hour and a half back. Too much on the motor too. I'll probably be looking for an si tranny.
  7. bluebyu


    The only single cam parts I have is the z1 block y5 and z6 head.
  8. bluebyu


    Alright, I'm in need of a daily driver the b series is killing me. I looked through my motors and parts and had an idea to build my d15z1 bottom end with a d16y5 head and I was wondering what timing belt I will need if anyone has ever done this. The y5 cam gear has been swapped to a z6 cam gear. I have a few new z6 timing belts. Will it work or will I have to change something else out? I would try it and check, but everything is dissasembled and I have to buy a water pump. Thanks in advance.
  9. bluebyu

    Del sol with Teg rear discs

    Yeah, I kind of figured that. I just didn't want to go to the Honda dealer and buy it new lol. Thanks for the replies.
  10. bluebyu

    Del sol with Teg rear discs

    I swapped my Del Sols rear drums for rear discs from a 92 integra and I need to know what parking brake cables to use. Will del sol si cables be the only ones to work?
  11. bluebyu

    What should I do?

    I am wanting to do a mini me build and this is what I have laying around. Full d15b7 Full d16z6 d16y5 head d16y7 head d16y8 block I have the timing belt, gaskets and ecu for the z6. Which way should I go?
  12. bluebyu

    fs del sol body parts

    Look where he's from, says it all. ;'P
  13. bluebyu

    92 CX Hatch shell

    It's sold. Hated to do it but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
  14. bluebyu

    Parts for my b17

    I need a tranny for my b17. Looking for a b16, but anything will work for now. Send me a message if you have one. Also I need an ecu, harness and dizzy.

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