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New Fast and Furious movie


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Well i just got back from watching the new Fast and Furious movie, and needless to say it was pretty good... more of a storyline and less all about how many cars they can show in one movie... i dont want to say anything more cause i dont want to accidently ruin the movie for anyone and not realize it... so after you all have seen it...(for those that want to) post up and tell me what u think..


I have to say one of my favorite thing to do with these movies is after the movie is over, watch everyone rush outside to show off their own cars...sadly there were no del sols besides mine... but this year wasnt as good since its like half raining outside and no one really wants to stay and watch other cars...but i like to play a little game and try to see how many cop cars u can spot on the way home... i live just about a mile or less from the movie theater and i saw atleast 6 and 3 of them were all in the same parking lot waiting for poeple. :p

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dammit Colter.


whatever man. now if you see the movie with people you can say "i bet dom dies" and then at the end you can say how smart you are and that you can predict the future. youre welcome

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yeah, that movie was badass. and i agree, walker is the worse thing for a skyline lol... he should stick with his nice rice ecplipse

im not sticking up for walker because, yes, he is a terrible actor and what-not. However the man can drive a car like nobodies buisness. I cant remember where i heard it but he does a large majority of the "stunts" and driving in the movies.


Im just saying! :ninja:


...and yeah Dom get shot right between the pupils. thats a bad way to go >_<

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