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Wheres Ricky?

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he's outside my window... i keep waving him away, but he doesn't budge.

make sure hes not wanking it. the hobos here tend to do that outside the gym at the girls running on the treadmills

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go north on the 5.

head east on the 76

left on benet

right on wala

left on toopal

and my house is like the third or fourth on the right. lol.


im ok and alive. i was in south dakota working for that photographer/scientist guy.

i drove him around, chased animals out for him to take pics, i took pics, carried equipment, and made sure he didnt die.

it was f*cking cold there too. damn.


my cell didnt have service there either.


no i didnt get angel wings you asshat. sheesh.


sorry ashley, i thought you like me, thats why i was there. and dont worry, i wasnt wanking it.


ill post pics in a day or so

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He's too embarrassed by all the times I owned him in Call of Duty.:ninja:


bwahahahaha. dude, in your dreams.

im pissed you dont have a mic yet. its annoying trying to talk to you and figure out how you can respond. lol

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