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The Christmas Photos Thread


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cutest picture ever.


after that I don't think anyone needs to post any more pics. it cannot be beaten.


if nancy has one to add it might be a tie though...

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sigh....my time will come. no little ones yet in my near future.


I'd post pics of my already completed in-law Christmas party, but no one wants to see pics of my country-bumpkin in-laws. I definitely don't want to look at those pics again. I thought the camera was going to break.

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just don't include this with your christmas party...




maybe if it includes something like this





anyway. my christmas experiences have never been that exciting.

My most exciting christmas experience was in 2004 when my parents kicked me to the curb two days before hand (17 years old). been on my own since.

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I think it'd be pretty cool to have a palm tree christmas tree.


I haven't had Baileys in about 2 years. Shame :sad:

I've got a collection of seasonal beers going though. mmmm...Sam Adams Winter Lager :drool:


Been there, done that.


No fun.


Especially getting the big f*cker out.

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id have to agree. a palm tree as a christmas tree would be no fun. yeah, ill decorate one of the few outside of my house with lights, but other than that, i dont want to touch one.

most of the palm trees have curved thorns on their fronds that hurt like hell.

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