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i got a dog!


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we've been looking for a dog for a while, specifically one to adopt from a shelter. The first one we thought we were going to get- Noodles, a rottie/otterhound mix- ended up being a waste of time. The SPCA couldnt decide whether to have him up for adoption or not and gave us all sorts of unreasonable excuses and since the SPCA is a no-kill shelter, at least we know he'll get a home eventually. My friend suggested we look at going to the next county where animal control has a kill shelter instead and we found Rebel. Rebel was originally named Simon but the name just didn't suit him. He's a 7 year old blonde lab- they think he's been in the shelter twice before as owner surrender/abandonment and then picked up as a stray. The girl at petsmart reckons he's probably a purebred. He's incredibly smart, and apparently something of an escape artist. Needless to say, my cat's not best pleased that theres something else in the house that keeps trying to chase him. lol. Cailean's taken to hiding on the top of the cupboards in the kitchen to keep out of the way.






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yeah, he responds to it pretty well so far. we're making sure to use it everytime we speak to him and reward him when he comes to it. he doesnt really pay attention when you call him simon anyway.


we're just having a problem of him and my cat... he keeps trying to eat the poor thing. its okay though, hes spending a couple of weeks at my mother-in-law's house until we move after the holiday and to say her cat is a bitch would be an understatement- its the devil incarnate in cat form- so he'll be in for a rude awakening when he goes anywhere near her. hopefully it'll make him gain some respect for cats.

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Rebel died on saturday night of heart failure. Even though we'd had him checked out by a vet, and they'd found heartworms, they hadn't thought they were bad. We were getting ready to have treatment for him today but he went downhill very quickly. He was in the emergency vet's on Thursday night because he kept coughing, and they basically shrugged it off saying it was nothing to really worry about. By Saturday morning he wasn't eating, drinking, he was really lethargic and just generally really not well. Again, we called the emergency vets who said just to keep an eye on him, and try to get him eating and drinking. Around 6pm, he wouldn't lay down, he wouldn't sit and would just stand in one place, looking very miserable, drooling and being very unresponsive. As it was snowing and my tyres are bald, i couldn't drive & chris has a suspended license at the moment, but forgo it anyway, and took him into emergency. they took him into the back and rebel died in chris' arms, wagging his tail as he always did until the very end.


the past few days have been really difficult. little things remind me of him- a few white, stray hairs that fell on the coffee table, the blood spatters on the wall (he had a busted tail which he refused to allow us to bandage), the photo of him up in the hallway, his collar & leash, his bowls, bed & toys... its so hard. Chris felt the best way for us to get over it was to go ahead and get another dog. I refused to get another older dog because of the health and behaviour problems we'd had with Rebel so we started combing the internet for local shelters with puppies. We found a woman in Selma who was an independant rescue- she adopts animals [puppies & kittens in particular] in shelters who are about to be put down for no reason other than the shelter's too full. We headed out there and found the cutest puppies- she recently saved a mother & her litter of shepherd mixes and we ended up adopting one of them.


so... meet MEMPHIS. 9 weeks old and super cute. hehe. I think he's mixed with a bit of rottie because he's going to be huuuuuuuuge. Ace absolutely adores him & Cailean's still trying to figure out exactly what's going on/who the hell he is.




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Sorry to hear about the loss. Hope he is in doggy heaven, thanking you for everything you could do.You did the right thing.


Little memphis is sooooo cute im sure he is already bigger then my yorkie. Hope he turns out to be a great happy dog.

My little one is a brat from time to time. But thats dogs for ya.


Congrats on the little guy. :happy:

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Aww, I'm sorry about Rebel. My dog died last winter. It was really hard. She was such a well behaved dog, and so friendly.

I hope you just realize how much Rebel appreciated you bringing him into your home and taking care of him, especially since he was so old already.


Memphis is cute. How did you name him? Or was he already named? Either way, I like it. And his ears are the cutest.


I'm stealing him and leaving a squirrel in his place, lol.


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thanks ya'll. we've just got through the first night with him and I've slept maybe 4 hours? if even that? of course, just like with rebel, chris wants the dog around but I'm the one who ends up having to take responsibility for him. but that's okay- i dont mind because I love(d) both of them. The cat's still not too sure what to make of him. they're curious about each other but cailean's quick to run the moment memphis barks. i'm sure by the end of the week, they'll have come to a truce.


How did you name him? Or was he already named?
they girl who'd had him, was just calling him & the others "puppy" except the one she was going to keep. it took a lot of arguing to come to a final agreement. I'd wanted maddox or mason and chris wanted constantine or hooch. neither of us was going to budge but finally, chris gave in and allowed me to call him memphis. i dunno why i thought of it. I looked at him and it was the first name that came to mind. I guess, I didnt want to call him Elvis because it's so overdone. lol.
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Ahh sorry to hear about Rebel. Tough to see a pet go, but it's also tough to see them in pain all the time. My one cat who's 19 (as old as me) isn't doing so great, but he kinda refuses to die. He's missing some teeth, sometimes looses balance while walking, the pads on his paws are all worn, has bloody urine once in awhile, but he keeps on going. I won't be too sad when he dies though, he had an awesome life.

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very cute dog. im so sorry to hear about your first one, thats terrible. doctors really piss me off sometimes. all i know is that when you have a gut feeling you should follow it, because if something happened like that to one of my dogs and the doctor kept saying crap like that he would be sued right now.

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