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    Anything ART.. Web design , 3D animation, Video game level designer (CS:S), Clothing,Graffiti, Architecture, Marketing, Business.. besides art.<br />Boxing, Cars, Break dancing.<br />making music.. Rap beats.. Trance/House/Techno Music

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    Honda CRX SI
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    Honda 1989 Dx
    D15B JDM/EDM Vti VTEC,(Around 35,000-40,000 miles on it)
    Automatic-(Everyday used Car but still looking for speed)
    N1 EXTREME Full Catback Exhaust System
    92-95 PGM-FI Intake manifold
    ODB1-P84-Vtec-E ECU
    Wireharness conversion(OBD0-OBD1)
    New Radiator.
    Upgraded Cold Air Intake.
    Brake upgrade.(Rotors/Drums/Calipers/Brake booster)
    Parelli tires on stock CRX 13" Rims.(Spray Painted Black)
    SI Milano Red Paint Job.
    Dual angel eyes W/ matching corner and bumper lights.
    Strut bars X4 (all around)
    Upgraded guages
    Aftermarket side mirrors w/ white/amber LED turning signals.
    New honda window rubbers (all windows)
    Bucket Seat + Matching Removable Steering Wheel (RED AND BLACK).
  1. Just a little extra stuff.. and update Red lug nuts were the wrong size and not lockable so I sent them back.. My oem SI lip should be here in a week or 2 since I got out bidded on my last one. I dropped in a 12" Pioneer sub with a sony amp and 6'5 eclipse rear speakers speakers.. Driver Side C-pillar installed.P28 W/Skunk 2 chip. I picked up ENG quick release/hub and a spoon steering wheel (but changing for a red one) and the hub lock comes in next week a few pics.
  2. ! ! ! ! ! ! I WIN ! ! ! ! ! !ROFLMAO! ! ! ! ! !
  3. to the people who have installed the chips.. did yours come with 2 chips and 2 resisters? did you install everything or just the performance chip?
  4. Ok so i dropped in the chip today like 15 min ago. i took it for a spin. after about 4000RPM I guess when Vtec is suppose to kick . the motor starts to bogg out.... anyone have any input?
  5. kool. thanks.. Anyone else have any input ?
  6. ahh ok this is the specs of the chip I got 92-95 Honda Civic SKUNK2 (OBD1) P28 Vtec = 4800 Rev Limit = 9000 Vehicle 92-95 Honda Civic 94-95 Acura Integra Motors it will work on B16Ax B18Cx B20/VTEC LS/VTEC it dosent say D15B but the motor is from a 92-95 civic (motor is a 1993) it also says Performance Chip will work on Stock B-series and D-series engines. So im a little confused. Additional Features SPEED LIMITER = Disabled KNOCK SENSOR = Disabled O2 SENSOR = Disabled LAUNCH CONTROL = 4500 FULL THROTTLE SHIFT = 8000
  7. Hey wassup guys. So I picked up a P28 and my car is running ALOT!! better, no more lag take offs and random Vtec kicking in. Yeah I know WTF? lol Anyhow i picked up a Skunk2 chip for the ECU. Just wondering if its worth putting in. I was told not to install it since the chip has a few motors it will work on and not specifically made for my D15B. The manual says it will work on my motor along with a list of other motors. So my question is. Should I put it on or just sell it? and why? Thanks for the help.
  8. http://blip.tv/file/464022 Not sure if its a repost (I hope not) lol But injoy.
  9. Well the thing was posted in 07 with only 3-4 reply's and we have new members. but a repost is a repost.. oops >_<
  10. Check this out!!! PLEASE PUT ON SOME HEADPHONES FOR THIS TO WORK PERFECT. This is NOT one on crazyy yelling things. I wouldnt do that to you guys. If you dont trust me just read the comments. Injoy your Virtual Haircut.
  11. Gayness to the max lol... I didnt bother playing the vid i seen that crap along time ago no need to waste more time lol. here is your min back.
  12. My List 1: Mario 3 (nes) 2: Perfect Dark (n64) 3: Resident evil (all) 4: Silent Hill (All) 5: Ninja Gaiden:Sigma (ps3) 6: GTA IV (ps3) 7: Dynasty Warriors (all) 8: Burnout (all) 9: War on terror (PC) 10: Battle Fields (all)-(pc-ps3)
  13. Nice watches .. Here is mine its also my PHONE (via Blue tooth or speaker phone) Mp3 player Movie player Camera + video Games Internet sorry for the crappy pic the camera was running out of battery But was able to find a good pic
  14. Thanks for the comments guys.. I got the lug nuts in and I got a front lip for now, until I find a good place to get a paint job. Might get the JDM front convertion once I find a good price and just use the side skirts/rear bumper from the M-style body kit. Smoke out the front headlights for now and try to make the car as much JDM as possible besides right side driver. And doing the B16A swap in 2 weeks. More pics soon.
  15. I wish the War was over and all terrorist are killed. That they be peace in this world, That gas would go back to a $1 a gallon or less. That min. wage was higher. That no one in the world had to be hungry. I wouldnt mind being rich also but I would give it all up for everything above.
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