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....SSR..... used to be hated


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i got bored and the guy who now knows like everything about cars, used to be hated by about 400 people on hondaforums.


haha it was funny.


well i guess he's still hated by some people


and what happened to getting the s2k ....SSR....?

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You should have been able to tell by reading.


I got my Civic instead. Parents bought it for me, and pay the insurance. And deductibles when I drove through the hailstorm and wrecked it.


Most of that was just me thinking without knowing.

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Honestly, i think ...SSR... can be a little hard on people at some times, but he does know what he's talkin about... when i get ready to build my engine i'm going to be talking to him... Like i said in the other thread... I'm still really fracked up... don't worry ...SSR... that crap is for real though...

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Me 2...haha j/k :thumbsup:

i third that motion


no i remember him saying he wants to be in the ricerzines or somecrap.. :ph34r:


hes your normal forum butthead, i think he lightened him a bit or probaly hit puberty..


big dreamer.. a little cocky but thats not a bad thing.


biggest postwhole.. hmm wheres that optional...?


in love with b16a motors back then.. kinda spoiled that parents were gonna buy him an s2000.


The Fast and The Furious is what got me actually caring about cars.


alot of his threads are locked...... lock



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if you can't find anything, let me know. i will still have his old sponsorship app on file, so at least his address will be on there. i'm not sure if the phone number is on there or not.

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