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  1. http://www.edmunds.com/used/2003/mitsubish...4129/specs.html First of all, the 96 Civic EX has a similar powered motor, yet weighs 1000+ pounds less. That means, if the stock civic runs about 16 seconds with N20, the same lancer will run about 1 second in the QM slower, or would need 100HP more to go as fast. You do realize that not one of the cars you listed is a sports car, right? They might be quick for economy cars, but they are by no means sports cars. I"m guessing the 0-60 on that car is 8-9 seconds TOPS
  2. My S2000 0-60 is quick. A lancer is not...you have a skewed view on reality. And, my old civic hovered around the 16 second mark. With corrections, mid 15s.
  3. to be quite honest, it's such an old technology, you are wasting your $. Save your $ for a better car or an engine swap. The D16Z6 (EX) is nothing compared to newer cars on the market.
  4. I play it. I hate that damn game.
  5. lol. too funny. how fast WERE you going?
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