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so i dont really know if this in the right forum part to talk, so ill just hit it up and see if i get in trouble lol.


i got a 86 honda accord lxi, i've got to say for the little four cyclinder it is, it's got a good pick up speed or take off, nothing exciting compared to you guys on here who have etremely nice cars (probaly very fast too). so now my sisters boyfriend wants to race me in a quarter mile, hes got a 86 short bed chevy truck with a 351 in it. he believes he can out be me in my car.


so the question is, can my little car be beaten by a truck in a quarter mile, if not then what would it take for my car to beat his truck?


one more thing, like my brother and sister we all got a little racing blood from my dad who use to drag race, when he was young.

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first off, i wouldn't do it... its gunna be like a 17 sec quarter mile... totally boring and a waste of money (to run if at a track)


chevy didn't make a 351... they made a 350...


with that all said, it would probably be a close race...

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its not a waste if your having fun ;) plus no need for a track, i know my roads here. i said the same thing about the 351 but he keep saying its a 351, said it was the only year they made them. close one i could agree with, but i guess if you haven't been in his truck you probably wouldn't think he would even come close lol

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your car should run a 17.3 from the factory



assuming the car is not in showroom condition and your skills you'll be slower



unless you find a track that has a lot of other slow cars racing.. dont embarrass yourself



and I've seen numerous trucks beat hondas.. it's not uncommon for it to happen



and 'racing blood' is non existent.. its called your dad is a man.. and you are a boy/man.. men have all 'raced' something at some point in their life.. goes with having a penis


(that does not mean females who race have secret penises)

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I dunno why this kid is getting so much hate


please review the following quotes:


plus no need for a track, i know my roads here.



thats what your mom said when she saw you being born.



i think you just contradicted yourself






i never said he CANT race his car.. i just told him not to embarrass himself.. if he thinks a stock 80 something honda is quick he obviously knows nothing about cars and hasn't rode in much.. he can learn.. but being a douche to regular members is not the best way to do that




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i have rode in enough cars to know whats fast and whats not lol. im not comparing my speeds to a truck that has a bull dog chip in it or any fancy of that. no your right i don't know much about cars, but i know enough that has got me started and enough to improve. sure i maybe a bit new to driving, ive only been driving for 5 years now, and i've raced enough people to know that im not your basic racer, but more as in someone that can easily play chicken.


i might have a slower car than the other guys truck, but i can sure tell you i got alot bigger balls than he does. he's afraid to go over 60 in his truck and i can easily do that. im sure i got one of the slower cars at my school, but none of those rich ass kids with there fancy mustangs and corvettes have no where near the guts to race. and im certainly not afraid to loose, it is what it is.


and plus idk how much i can say my dads a man since he shaves his legs.

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