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jerky... alil problem i want a second opinion on.


second opinion  

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  1. 1. Which is causing it?

    • bad alignment somehow
    • axle is bad
    • diff/tranny is about to die
    • something totally different
    • cory loves the cock

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So when I drive, every so often (more often recently) but still randomly, the car will do a yank to the right. Sometimes it does it once, sometimes about 10 times, or any amount in between... no matter the speed, gear (even neutral), rpm, if I'm braking, coasting, accelerating, turning, going straight, basicly anything with motion, it hasn't happened in reverse but that doesn't mean it won't/doesn't. Feels like either the tie rod isn't on (shakey but can tell its pulling to the right and I'm just subconsciously pulling it back straight) or sorta like the pass side brake is locking and unlocking. I can also here a click/clunk sound, it sounds like it's from about the center (engine bay) or possible the pass front corner area, but since my car is to loud, I can't pin point it. I pulled off the wheel (and rotated them while i was at it), put a pry bar in the front lca and uca and tried to pry around, but nothing seemed to move.


So basicly im down to 3 options...

1, my alignment is somehow really fracked without me taking out a snow bank or curb (ive actually been really nice to my car of the last few weeks)

2, axle is bad, but don't hear any popping when turning, so it would be an inner CV (will be swapping axles tomorrow to try and solve this)

3, diff is about to blow or is missing a tooth...


cliff notes:

no common variables

car jerks to the right, i correct left and sometimes will repeat as many as 10 times (maybe more, i don't count just try not to hit stuff)

clunking sound from engine bay center/pass side

3 options above

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oh shiz, i totally forgot to say that, yeah i rotated the tires, checked all the ball joints, bearings, brakes, bushings, tie rods (inner and outer) everything seemed to be very tight... so it really has come down to the axle or tranny, but was kinda hoping someone would be like, hey you're retarded, its this... but i doubt that will happen since i through out so much advice on here. but i have a spare tranny and axles, so just throwing on a set is no biggy... then i'll get someone with autozone axles to warrenty them for me and im good... i could just tell them they are b16 axles and get some new ones for my other motor... hehehehehe

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i've had tires do this. not a wear, alignment or balance issue but an issue with the tread pattern itself biting into uneven spots in the road and causing the car to pull to the side randomly. in my experience the problem was more pronounced when braking due to weight shifting to the front.


my current arrangement is aligned correctly, new tires just balanced and at certain intersections I can get it to pull hard to the right every time i get on the brakes solidly due to the way the tires bite into the road.

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well, ive had the tires on since thanksgiving, alignment then and suspension done then, and haven't noticed it before... its getting worse and worse though... so thats why i guess a wearing down axle cv joint... going to replace it right now. i'll keep ya'll updated.

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