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lovin the meshies. wish i had a set. looks uneven fromt he ground. or just worn out suspension. its ok. adjust it and it will look prety good.


ps if you want a new trim piece up front below the headlights ive got one just pm me if your intrested. other wise looks pretty damn good.

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cause meshies are baller status, cause i picked them up for 80 bucks, and i had to take the fat fives off the front cause they would only let me turn the wheel 1 1/2 of a turn, they are 195/65/15 so i put the meshies on and they are 195/55/15, so i have plenty clearance but the back is thill a bit higher for some reason

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I roll on factory 20" chromies.. Two of them cost more than your car and LS Mesh.


And Sebbeh..I've KNOWN I make you laugh.

Edited by Ben.
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doesnt look bad but i think the tires are still to balloonish looking.. 195/50 r15's are perfect.. and itll lower you another 3/4 of an inch


this has to be the best looking car youve had dwayne.. now dont go effin it up by trading it for a junk heap!! :dry:

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ls mesh are baller?

i have a set that i have been trying to sell for the last 3 months and no one wants them.

BTW the car looks like a toilet. =]


well how much were you trying to sell them for?

What say we not go into PEOPLE looking like toilets..yes? LOL.


roffle. what about urinals?

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