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buh bye

Rick B.

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So I'm at the airport waiting to board my flight to paris. Once in paris I get to board a flight to venice where I begin my 8 day eurotrip. Don't worry, ill post pics. :p


Snowboarding in the italian alps ftw!

Drinking at the famous hofbrau house in munich ftmfw!


Oh, I forgot to mention ill be in europe for carnival!!! That's a godly win right there.

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enjoy your trip rick. been a while since i talked to you.


way to let me know u got an sti u slut. make sure u get that thing tuned! my bro has an 08 and he just got it back from the dealer after them replacing his whole shortblock from the lovely CRAP tune subaru put on those things. i saw the few mods you had in your profile.


LMK if you hit up any meets man, looking forward to ridin dirty in the scoobies. i just actually picked up a 2008 sti steering wheel:) coming today now.

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