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Baby Clothes

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My sister is pregnant again.. found out its a boy.. me and our mom are in charge of the baby shower (hope it turns out okay speaking i know nothing of throwing baby showers.. no diaper sniffing games)


anyway my brother is law wants like car outfits and stuff and I wanted to know if you guys knew any good places to get some.. and just cute baby clothes in general.. that are not to expensive (I would rather get her a lot of not so expensive stuff I know they need for the baby instead of getting a couple expensive things that the kid is going to wear once or twice till they grow out of it lol)


i figure a decent amount of people have kids on here and would know some places


EDIT: I wonder how many of you thought i was going to say I was pregnant hahaha birth control FTW

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gimme a little while, I'll see what I can come up with- I'll do some searches for you between doing loads of laundry today.


The last baby shower I went to, I made them a little gift basket of things they'd need- baby powder, soap/bubble bath, lotion, destin, a baby blanket, wash cloths, wipes, etc. It cost about $50 to put it together.



don't forget to do a diaper cake! those things are so cute and really easy to put together.



& one of the games they played was so gross and crude but everyone had a good laugh out of it. They emptied a tub of chocolate jello pudding (the individual snack-packs) into clean diapers, wrapped them up and then had a competition to see who could eat it the fastest not using their hands. The winner got a bottle of wine. lol.

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eating pudding out of diapers bleh lol im not good with baby shower games


i wish i could a little body suit that looked like a sparco race suit.. i think it'd be so cute


oh trust me, the diaper thing turned my stomach too... I could barely watch them do it and I certainly couldn't have done it myself! lol.


this is the best I could find... he'll be a little young for it though:




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nascar apparel is easily found just about anywhere, do some searches online for brand-specific apparel and check ebay for people selling their own creations


most of the games are ridiculous, so we didn't do any of those at my sister's shower. another i went to there was the game where you cut a piece of string off then everyone's piece gets measured on the expecting's belly, whoever's is closest wins a small gift. they also had the little clothespins there and if you said baby you had to give it up to whoever caught you saying it, whoever had the most pins at the end of the shower got a small gift. other than those, there are usually bingo games and the sort that you can find online.

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You've got to admit that the crashes are entertaining. Apart from that... Yeah, you have a point.


"They're making another left turn!" :laugh:


the crashes about the only entertaining thing lol


my brother in law has never been into nascar.. neither has chris.. they agree with the left turn statement.. gets boring and doesnt take as much skill as other forms of racing lol


out of the stuff we've gotten one thing i posted the link to (the one that says 'my daddy does it in 10 seconds') my sister thought that one would be funny... and then we bought them one from one of the sites lexi posted (thankyou!).. its close to the only she found but it has a bigger picture of the car on it (chris thought it resembled a skyline so i figured my brother in law would love it).. and then we got them 3 sets of onesies with the hat and booties and stuff.. and then a baseball outfit (my brother in law used to play baseball).. and we got them hangers (my sister ran out quick when she had my niece).. and bath wash/lotion and a teether


i need to quit buying stuff but I think over the next month im going to accumulate a lot more baby stuff for them (baby stuff is so cute but i dont want one of my own lol).. shes due the 27th of dec so im going to buy them a bunch of diapers for christmas cause i know they go through them quick


i could do the clothes pin game and stuff like that but i dont like the diaper games lol I think they're gross.. i dont know if we should play any though.. i think my sister is more worried about the food lol

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food really is the biggest necessity, most people won't care if there are or aren't games, but everyone will care if there's not enough food


babies need a lot of clothes, but they also grow out of them quickly. diapers and wipes are a requirement, but don't forget lotions, washes, etc. if you have a while before the shower, then you can purchase those for next to nothing if you watch for a sale (next to nothing when you use coupons with the sale).

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i know shes going to get a lot of the nighttime baby wash because at her last shower that seems to be what everyone got her plus other stuff lol


We bought all different sizes in clothes so she didnt just have birth to 6 month stuff too


i think we're going to do it at the park here and my bf is going to get the huge grill from the fire station and then my mom and sister want to make cakes

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