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Hello all i just joined today. i bought a sol with 79k miles (still got to check with mva) on it for 1400$ this past Monday. Car came with an intake, full exhaust, headers and adjustable shocks. Also a badly mounted mugen body kit...with tapped lights. power steering was taken out...and the heater doesn't work icon_redface.gif . all the carpeting was stripped and the car needs a paint job. my plan is to restore this car and hopefully with all your help i will. Thanks!


P.S. many pics to come.:thumbsup:


hey guys my car pics are up. check the flowing link.



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Welcome to HF, sounds like you got yourself a bit of a fixer-upper, but that's never a bad thing. Solers are taking over HF, haha. I take it you've been looking through the forum a bit, since you already know about the requirement for pics. ASAP would be good, before Pearce or Hatch get online :thumbsup:

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Definitely low miles. What year is it?


If you can get ahold of some stock carpet (there's a guy on SolSociety that still has one of two for sale) it isn't too hard to install. Just a PITA to take all the seats and trim out.


I'll say it w/o even seeing it: Definitely get rid of the body kit! :D The stock look of the Sol is what makes it so sexy (except for the stock height).


Get some pics up for sure... and welcome. :)

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finally looked at your car. you no that front bumper takes alot of modification to fit over crash bar. if u dont have your crash bar there and you wanna keep that bumper i would mod it and get a crash bar or go oem. crash bar is a must.

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Woah, i have to say guys thanks for the quick welcomes. i am glad to have joined. YES duck tape owns all. you should see the looks i get lol. sorry about the header (i just listed what was told still newbie here). I was told it was a new catback exhaust. Tallhammer88 i do you forward to work with you. yes its a 5 speed.

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mpearce1974 i will add my aim to my profile. Jordan and hunter when i said restore i meant to stock. I do plan on doing some Engine mods that would be in the far future. right now i want to get the car back to stock. i also like this front lip. color i am going to go black. nothing is set in stone just one little step at a time.




interior pics coming up tomorrow.

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Welcome dude. Doesn't look too hard to fix up.


I'm wondering what jackass ever said sols were rare.... :dry:


75,000 in 5 years in US production, makes them fairly rare in my book! :thumbsup: Especially 96-97, where I think only 14,000 were made! When compared to Civics, Accords, CRX and Preludes I say fairly rare! Then take into account how many were S, SI, and V-tec models! Then also breakdown by the limited color variations! :)

1993 --- 25,748

1994 --- 21,075

1995 --- 14,021

1996 --- 8,489

1997 --- 5,603


Total --- 74,936


USDM 1993 S:

Milano Red, Frost White, Granda Black (Pearl), Captiva Blue (Pearl).


USDM 1993 Si:

Milano Red, Granda Black (Pearl), Samba Green (Pearl), Captiva Blue (Pearl).



Milano Red, Granada Black (Pearl).


USDM 1995 S:

Milano Red, Granada Black (Pearl), Paradise Blue Green (Pearl).


USDM 1995 Si:

Milano Red, Frost White, Granada Black (Pearl), Paradise Blue Green (Pearl).



Milano Red, Granada Black (Pearl), Isle Green (Pearl).


USDM 1996 S:

Milano Red, Frost White, Vouge Silver Metallic, Granada Black (Pearl).


USDM 1996 Si:

Milano Red, Frost White, Granada Black (Pearl), Cypress Green (Pearl).



Milano Red, Granada Black (Pearl), Cypress Green (Pearl).



So if say you have a 96 Cypress GFreen V-tec model, you are looking at maybe 600 if that that were made? Then also you must take into account the ungodly amount of these cars that have been wrecked, parted out, or just out right rotted away!

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