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fcuk hilarly. she was on campus the other day and me and my roomie went to check it out. there was maybe 2 hilary signs and about 50+ ron paul things. it was cool having secret service or whatever everywhere and snipers on the roof. but he wasnt that sneaky, i saw him. ill post pics of it later

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Screw anybody who won't say our pledge of allegiance and requests to be sworn in on the Quaran, yet claims to be a Christian.


This go-around really sucks and I don't much care for any of the candidates. I'd think about moving in as Cranny's neighbor if it wasn't for the harsh winters.

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lol except for the weather, Canada is better at politics, peace, health care and more...


I go with the better-than-the-rest candidate because I want to vote!


McCain-much respect for him but he is the kind who will "fight" and "win"...I don't want war! plus, he is a bit old...


Obama-he didn't do his job by not voting or voting "present"...politicians get only one chance, in my book...


Hillary-she isn't perfect, but she knows the system better than the rest...she, given the power, will make things happen



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Fukin werd up Scott. lol


But if hilary get elected I don't want her pullin some sh!t like bill did and start cutting back the military. If I'm out a job because of the president, I'm gonna be pissed.

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i'm big on the whole education thing and her little escapaid in NY. she cut back alot of the high school funding for some construction bill a while back. And till now she still hasn't put more money towards schooling which alot of the schools in NY need for expansion and renovations.

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Ron Paul all the way. he is a no bullsh*t candidate.


I am all for the troops but i dont see a purpose in them dieing in iraq. he is the only one who wants to pull out of iraq.


Obama is muslim!!!!!!!!

Hilary pulls funding for schools and puts it towards womens rights... (No offense to any women, you ARE equals)

McCain couldnt end a war any better then a ford focus could beat a s2k (which they cant)...

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Huckabee FTW.


I agree completely. I just hope he can beat McCain......which McCain would be worse than Bush IMO.


Ron Paul is a joke. He wants to do away with the IRS and Dept. of Defense. What an idiot. I hate the IRS as much as the next guy, but any idiot can see that we have a need for them. If we don't pay taxes (which Ron Paul is against), then we won't have 90% of the freedoms that we enjoy. You can't have freedom without the money to back up and protect that freedom (which is why we also need the DOD).


This election is more about choosing the lesser of all the evils than picking the best candidate (to me at least).

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There's that one saying: "Two things are certain in life: you pay taxes and you die"


I really want this election to be between Huckabee and Obama. I'm Republican and want Huckabee to win, but wouldn't mind if Obama took office. He has been called the next JFK.


As for McCain, I'd rather not have someone who could be my grandpa in office. And I don't completely agree with his foreign policy.

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