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New Car At Dealership!


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Had to take pictures. They said there's only 1000 of the Mugen Si's made. I think it's badass there just happens to be one in Salisbury. Here some pics of teh beautiful machine.
















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I think mid 20's to high 30's.


A pre '08 STI could be had easily for that, as could any EVO, SRT4, ITR/CTR or any other Civic of that caliber, if not better.


Hell you can get 500whp Supra's for that price in some area's of Florida.

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I've seen two around here...both blue...

I liked the coupes better...


and why is it that we US people never get the good stuff...I wish I lived in Japan and other countries...


Apparently the good sh*t from overseas doesn't jive with America's vehicle standards.


That sh*t is teh f*cking lulz.

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i say they're lying to you...


seeing as yank cars are widely known for being badly made and cheap, and jap cars quite the opposite?


"Yank cars". ROTFL. You're such a tool. Making a comment like that while owning a DEL SOL is QUITE hilarious to me.

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and what exactly is wrong with owning a del sol???its jap you idiot not american

and im sorry, i couldnt be arsed to type american cars.


No sh*t it's Japanese. You're sitting here comparing something like a Del Sol and sh*t to something such as Cadillac which is in fact still gaudy, full of leather, nice interior. Great build quality.


You people act as though American cars are purely sh*t. You want to know WHY they aren't selling well over here?


Your average gas guzzling V8 is found in what? Oh, that's right. An AMERICAN car. Why is this? Oh, that too is right..IT MAKES HORSEPOWER AND TORQUE by use of displacement. Ahhh displacement..something we Honda drivers would know NOTHING about .. Unless of course we've purchased a domestic vehicle in our lifetime.

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we dont get fuel cheap, especially if youre filling the tank of a 5000lb cadillac that runs with a big v8. also, youre acting like all of your cars in europe are never pieces of crap.

every automotive company out there makes good and bad cars.

yeah, some american cars suffer with a stiff suspension, but look at what those cars are. the wonderful corvette, or the camaro, firebird, transam, charger, all american classics and all built for one thing, performance. if you want a soft, comfortable grocery getter, there are plenty to choose from.

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seeing as yank cars are widely known for being badly made and cheap, and jap cars quite the opposite?

lol sebbie

Just because most japanese vehicles are known for being well made, doesn't imply that American cars are poorly made. This is a stereotype.


Nowadays, everyone is moving toward smaller, more reliable, fuel efficient vehicles. Almost all newer standard vehicles have a fuel efficiency over 25 mpg these days.

Also, even a $12K Chevy Aveo, comes with choice of woodgrain interior. I don't know about you, but the interior of any 1990's Honda isn't exactly plush. Hell, even my 2005 special edition Civic isn't exactly luxurious.


Our fuel prices aren't cheap either. Most people either have enough money to d.d. in Hummers, or they go broke very quickly and trade in their V8's.

Hell, alot of times, I come to a pump and the previous person has spent $120 filling up their tank.

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And for your info as far as American suspension's go.


Who in the HELL is gonna' invest money into making an AWESOME suspension for something like a Ford 500? A suspension setup is a suspension setup. Granted, BMW and Audi make an outstanding handling affordable car, the price on those cars alone is outrageous.


And if you REALLY wanna look @ suspensions, have a go at the C6 Z06's suspension setup.


BEEN USED FOR YEARS, and the car STILL competes with Porsche and Ferrari.

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Top Gear is a show full of british that do nothing but bash American cars, if you've noticed. One of them bought one bad Ford GT during the first few months it was made and still had bugs to it.


The fact of the matter is they can bash an old leaf spring setup all they want but if you take the Z06 to the track with any Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, Audi, Mercedes.. It'll handle with the best of them with it's cromagnum suspension setup. There's no arguing with numbers. They just have to make their little bruised ego feel better, that's all.

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