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New project

Rick B.

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Ok people. Ive decided to finally get a new project.

Ill be picking up the car within the next two weeks.

I dont want to give out too many details because there is no guarantee that i will be getting the car im looking at and I kind of want it to be a surprise.


now since nancy isnt answering pm's. Ill ask you guys. Im trying to find different places other than egay to find a type-r interior, specifically seats.

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I'm sorry but this is such a gay a*s topic.. I really hate seeing threads about cars in this section :dry:


then move it or close it. i found what i was looking for


well, do you want the jdm itr recaros or the usdm itr seats?


its alright. ive found what i was looking for. im just going to go through the recaro website. they can get me what im looking for.

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good luck getting the ej6 and the ITR stuff... :)


did you get your records expunged? isn't that what you were trying to do?


im actually going to be getting ctr stuff. the front seats im getting off of the recaro website. i dont want the red recaros, i want the black ones. ill post a list of parts im looking at getting.


my record is not expunged yet. i just paid 1200 to probation last thursday to catch up for my court date coming up.


nice dude. hope you get it, it'd be nice to see another car your building around again.


thanks man. it didnt seem like too many people liked my last build though (the white gsr civic)

but this next one will definitely be nice. forced induction too.

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ok, here is my plan


96-00 ej6 hatch



tein super street damper suspension, skunk2 control arms, strut bars



toyo proxes fz4

mugen weapon rnr rims


b18c1 gsr motor:

-golden eagle rods, bearings, mid compression pistons

-skunk2 IM, 68mm TB, pro street 2 cams, retainers, valves, valve springs, fuel rail

-greddy t3/t4 turbo kit

-itr b18c5 tranny w/lsd


aeroturbine 2.5" exhaust




ek9 ctr rear spoiler

ek9 ctr front/rear bumper

ek9 ctr fenders

ek9 etr headlights/tails

midnight black paint

limo tint on rear windows



black carpet

custom red floor mats with gsr emblem stitched in 3G_GSR_red.jpg

ctr rear seats

Recaro avus black w/red seam front seats (basically itr seats)

ctr door/body/dash panels

ctr shift boot

skunk2 shift knob

ek9 ctr srs steering wheel



well, thats what i plan on starting. not too worried about the electronics yet. Ill probly get another kicker system.

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its a build ive been wanting to do for some time now. just kept putting it off for awhile. now im so bored and ive really been itching for a new project. so thats it so far.


yeah, shoot me a copy of yours when you can

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im not as perfect as you nancy.

every once in awhile i need a little help. :p


at least im willing to ask questions to learn new things instead of being a noob about everything

its cool, i love you.


hey, is it raining over there?


want me to pm you a naughty picture?

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