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Honda Forums Official Bandwidth Domination Thread


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ok folks, some of you might know what this is, some might not. this thread is dedicated to those little thoughts we want to post about but might not be worthy of a new thread. anything and everything pretty much goes here, but technical questions might be better dealt with in their proper section. free thought and an open mind are the only prerequisites. let the random thoughts and post count inflation begin!

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agree with that rule...


but the 5 second rule should not be a rule! it's dumb!

but it is funny...ill buy that only if double dipping is cool only among family and close friends.


edit: holy crap someone knows the name! supposedly "speed demon". kinda fitting with mah mota.

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speed demon is cooool name :D


airjordan223, what's your question again? lol

i know Velocifero is the name of an italian scooter, is the word itself italian? i heard it was spanish.



lol na...I've accepted that no one can stay away from germs...plus, isn't sharing caring? hahahaha

tell that to herpes :ninja:

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I got the Spanish out of it...I don't know Italian...lol...cute scooter...


hehe...herpes...well, what other sharing is good? :D

those languages are pretty similar. sharing money is good. like you sharing $1000 with me :D

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hehe shy tree...it gets so red hot it burns...haha

lol, how do you know the floor is clean? ;)


i clean the house, i know when the floors are good :thumbsup:

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