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Tour of my house in Oceanside

Rick B.

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Welcome to my 3000sq ft 4 bedroom house in Oceanside, California. tell me what you think


the front



the front door



front door open



inside looking to the right of front door towards kitchen (dining room)



inside looking to the left of the front door to roommates stuff



on to the kitchen after a quick stop at the bar



ok, at the kitchen looking right



kitchen looking straight



kitchen looking left towards backyard and living room



from edge of kitchen to living room



part of the backyard looking out over valley (and palm tree)



from sliding glass door to the living room



ok, lets go up stairs



and more stairs towards loft and more bedrooms



the loft (its almost as big as the living room)



to the right of the loft, my bedroom



bedroom door looking in



from closet looking out



from far corner of bed looking out to loft (and my 37" hdtv of course)



and that was a quick tour of my home. sorry, i didnt show my roommates bedrooms, the bathrooms, the laundry room, and the garage. now you all should come visit me and party at my house cuz i do have the room to spare and drinks!

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Looks awesome, and a lot less cramped than that apartment I stayed in, lol. I like the Detroit Rock City poster.


glad you like. and all of my posters are autographed. :D


its a hell of a lot less cramped than that apartment. i dont know what to do with all of the extra space. we are about to have a room for rent and like the couches are going when that roommate moves out since its all his. so, i need to find a new roommate soon, preferably one with furniture, lol. or i might just suck it up and go get some myself since im pretty much the only person that uses the whole house. everyone else just hides in their rooms whenever they are home. lame.



you should move out here daniel, screw the snow in texas and come out here for some nice weather. I want a cool roommate and not these weirdos ive been meeting off of craigslist. *shudder*

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so much booze... are you an alcoholic ricky?



alcoholics go to meetings. lets just say i like to take the edge off life.:thumbsup:

and did you notice all of the empty bottles in the other kitchen pics, as well as the wine glass in the last kitchen pic

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We had a collection of all the Sam Adams bottles on top of our cupboards. Plus tons of other empty handles. All other (beer pong grade) beer cans got recycled for nickels to buy more booze. How long you planning on being there? Indefinitely?



im going to be here at least a year. i love having a house. its so nice.

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dude, you have no idea. dont get me wrong, its nice to have your own like apartment and everything. but being in a house, where you dont have people living like right next to you or above you and having all of the extra space, its nice.

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