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HF Good Sellers List


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We have a thread for bad sellers/buyers, so here's a thread for the good sellers on HF.




- Only post if you have had a successful transaction with a seller on HF.


- Each buyer may only post once per seller. If there are other HF members who have purchased from the seller, please feel free to post. However, if you have purchased numerous times from a seller, please only post once.


- First post will be updated with a list of all good sellers, including the number of users who have purchased from seller.


- Only post in this thread to include a seller, or if you would like a point added to the seller's history. Do not use this thread for discussion.


- Trades are also allowed in this thread. So long as you received goods from another member, you may post to have a point added to his/her listing.



OFFICIAL HF GOOD SELLERS LIST (Listed alphabetically)


90IntegraC1 (2)


alex37211 (2)


blackdelsol (1)


catawalks (1)


Compuvision02 (2)


DelSolFreak (1)


DelSolSweetie (1)


EH6TunerDaniel (3)


GsrCrx (2)


HungGSR (1)


Kastigir (1)


Kegger (2)


lceah (1)


mpearce (1)


Nancy (4)


Orca89 (1)


purplerustmachine (1)


Rbolander (1)


Repsol (1)


..SSR.. (1)


traitorxiong (1)


TS_John (3)


wannaBstuntin (1)


xeryon (1)


xxscaxx (2)

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I'll add another one for




Edit: I guess I also kinda got the rex from Kegger, although it was unclear if I bought it from him for nothing or if that was payment.

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TS, the trade has been included in the first post. I have also updated the first post with information on trades.


(Please, nobody respond to this post, and simply post up in this thread if it follows the rules.)

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