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I do not know... I get mine from Kroger. There is this guy that makes it fresh everyday. If yo uhave Krogers where you live go there and ask the dude. He should know.


i suppose i could ask a krogers worker. you'd have to be certified as a "sushi master" to prepare puffer fish b/c its poisonous. The tiny tiny piece that is edible makes your mouth numb. one wrong slit into the fish and a person dies. :crazy:

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Mmmm...SUSHI!!! I can't get enough of the stuff.


Crunchy, Dragon, Philly, Tempura...mmmm. With a Dynamite on the side. Throw in some Tuna and Salmon sashimi and I'm a happy camper =)


Ahi Tuna is best when drinking. Can't find many places on the mainland that has Ahi Tuna, but in Hawaii oh man =) Altho, the Yardhouse has a pretty close ahi tuna appetizer.

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