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    Halifax NS
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    Tuning cars...sport bikes- gsxr 1000-mmmmm...working-out...drinking wine among other things~...snowboarding...hangin with the kiddies ;), the beach!!!!

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    2001 Civic Ex sedan
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    Catzkin leather kit
    Buddy Club coilovers
    APR aluminum adjustable wing
    Carbon fiber hood
    18' Kosei seneca roms-titanium w/ Toyo fz4 -proxes
    Hid projector headlights
    DC Sports cat-back exhaust
    Looking to swap/turbo engine
    Greddy shift knob

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  1. Congrats! I'm really excited for you too. Are you guys gonna do the 3D/4D ultrasound around 25 weeks? It's this new ultrasound that lets you see your baby in complete form - http://www.4dlocations.com/
  2. When is her due date? I'm Preggar's with #3- expecting July 2nd
  3. It probably came off the regulator...no biggie - a quick fix actually
  4. FORD = Fix Or Repair Daily lol FORD = Found On Road Dead
  5. Ummmmmm, how do you say - Anger Management issues WTF???
  6. F#@king rights...i've ridin both...like I said - CBR1000 hands down
  7. That's f#@king sweet!! - I'm senoir member now - LMAO - Giggity Gig!!!
  8. Currently I have an '06 Kawasaki ZZR600...It's for sale so I can buy an '06 CBR1000
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