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  1. f*ck you, you f*cking ###### ginger piece of monkey crap.

  2. pssst. took your cherry. now youre my bitch.

  3. Lol... sorry I don't get parts in and rush to take pictures. I don't live on a forum anymore. I have a career, school, a girfriend, etc. Get off my ass. If ya'll ever have a meet I'll be glad to show up with all my crapt on my car and then if you don't believe me, fine. But please, don't act cool on a board by assuming I'm lying just because I don't rush out to take pics... whatever guys. There are like three people on this forum who actually know something .... I think it's so funny that every single thread I read is about license plate frames and stuff that is a waste of bandwidth. And Nancy --- lol. Advan RG's are baller? Right. They are cheap and easily found anywhere online. But yeah, baller. And you can have a QR on the Non SRS steering wheel .... there is an adapter made for it... I'll try and find it.
  4. That poor, poor, poor sol. Baby blue and white interior and fire extinguishers lol.
  5. Yikes to most cars in this thread. Especially the sol above on 19's and stock suspension + altezzas.
  6. CP. With SC's, you can run semi-high compression. They love it.
  7. How is it going to cost 7K less? What kinda crazy B20 were you building?
  8. "Building" and going SC isn't going to change power by much. If you want SC, go with a higher compression -- around 10.5:1 -- with a JRSC, and LHT SC Intercooler. Change the crank pulley with a B20 pulley and you'll make about 10 - 11 psi and about 220 - 250 whp if tuned right and have a great fuel management system. Turbo'd and built? Ha, possibilities are endless. The highest WHP D16 turbo I have seen is Rota92 on HT and TurboD16. It is fully built, B series trans, all out drag car -- 4 inch piping and top mount ram horn, with a GT35RS or something crazy making over 600whp.
  9. I can't believe I read this entire thread. Ebay turbo's can be fine, but I would never get one. The manifolds need bracing, and they are very restrictive, leading to way less power. Next, I love how you said fully built, with turbo and valvetrain components. If you knew anything about building a motor for turbo, you know with D16Z6's it's not necessary to build the head unless you plan on taking it beyond 8K or so. There are tons of guys who boost 30 pounds with Eagle Rods and CP pistons and stock head all day, making 400+whp. Valvetrain parts aren't nearly as necessary as bottom end. If you wanna be a cheap bastard, get Suzuki Vitara pistons, Integra LS Rods, and ACL bearings with ARP rod bolts ... which totals out to about $500-$600. That will be good enough for a 300 - 350 whp setup. I have seen people break 400 with that setup. If you really wanna know some stuff about turbos, just ask. Stop making these lists that suck assss. Let me know what you wanna know and let me know when you're serious about buying. Read and know about things before you buy them, or else you'll be another one of those damn guys blowing your motor all of the time.
  10. I'm mad most of the regs like Nate and EH6 don't wanna meet me, I guess I pissed everyone off.
  11. I wanted an underbrace but I am afraid of scraping the crap out of it everywhere.
  12. The new Evo looks like a Dodge model car this year.
  13. With a Greddy turbo kit you don't need any of those internals lol, seeing as how the Greddy kit sucks.
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