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Most of the members drive me crazy.. so for your amusement I shall provide stories and quotes (quotes may not be real quotes and summarized explanations).. you must feel sorry for me having to deal with this for 6 more weeks though.. i shall give them nicknames so as not to breech anyones privacy lol




Some of my favorites so far:



jersey: "I blew up my 400 horsepower honda that was never dynoed because the dash light was out" (put a hole in his block.. also said he had to check oil over X amount of miles.. quite often.. says its because hondas "just burn oil"




nascar: "my dad is around stock cars.. I know racing and cars. I want to work for a race team"

me: "my slave cylinder might be leaking"

nascar: "I dont know what a slave cylinder is"



emo: "what color are you painting the car"

me: "black.. like the team decided months ago"

emo: its not really your choice

me: you are the first one who wanted it matte black

emo: SO!



me: why are you guys so worried about rotational weight.. have you considered your sprung and unsprung weight?

them: "what"



them: "we need 12 inches of clearance now!"

me: "car was designed for 10 inches in the front..more then enough.. most teams are running 10 OR LESS"

them: "12!!"

me: "so you guys want to raise the center of gravity and add to body roll and hurt handling"

them: "it wont do that"




jersey: "I'm the best driver eva"

me: "so are you coming to the track this weekend?"

jersey: "no i cant afford it and i need my oil changed"

couple days later: "I got another speeding ticket today"



nascar: "There should be a thing on the drivers license that says if your allowed to drive drunk"

me: "moron"

nascar: "I can hold my alcohol!"

me: "moron"

nascar: "cops are buttheads.. giving out DUI's and ruining lives"

me: "dont drink and drive"

nascar: "I can hold my alcohol!"

me: "get a cab"

nascar: "I cant afford a cab"

me: "if you cant afford a cab then you shouldnt be wasting money on beer"



other: "we should make the rotating mount for the a-arm square"

me: "what"



jersey: "we need to hoist the car up at least 6 foot with someone in it and drop it"

me: "no"

should have said:

me: "you ever break your tailbone?"

jersey: "no"

me: "you can be in the car when we test it"





thats a very small sample of what happens everyday

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they get pretty pissed off at me.. i think if I wasn't female it wouldnt be so bad



me: "nascar doesnt know what hes doing so he needs me or so and so here before anyone tries to mount the a-arms"

emo: "yah cause you just know more then everyone"

me: "when it comes to making sure the camber, caster, shock angle, and ride height is correct yes"

emo: "that stuff doesnt matter"

me: "what"

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For dirt at 20mph... i would eye ball it and call it good


speaking its an ENGINEERING competition.. you shouldnt do that.. because the teams who actually do think about the stuff and not 'eyeball' it kill everyone else



and you all wonder why I hate working with engineers.


cause they are f'in retarded?

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Exactly sarah, about 99% of the engineers i have met either WAY over engineer or WAY under engineer. That and 99.9% of them couldnt find their ass from a hole in the ground. I love it when they tell you in the PS specs to buck a rivet into a C channel..... that has already been closed by a fascia plate onto the skin of an aircraft. And when you ask them how you are supposed to magicly insert a bucking bar into a completely closed off area they give you that look like "um... a what? I thought you just hit the rivet, i didnt know you needed a bucking bar to expand the shank end. DERP"


Or my personal favorite, FRENCH ENGINEERS! They wanted to install 2 75 gallon internal fuel tanks into a search and rescue sikorsky s-92. Thats cool, no biggie. We install it, then for the tank vent he wants to run a NON conductive hose from the ALUMINUM tanks to the ALUMINUM skin. Now lets think about this


Massive rotor spining in the air, alot of air brushing against a NON grounded airframe. A bunch of fluid SLOSHING around inside an alumiunum fuel tank. With a 4" gap between them, filled with highly explosive fuel vapor. Static discharge anyone?!


Yeah we ran braided steel hose for the vent, then decided to do a little mock up of what would happen if he did it his way in the hangar with a paint bucket, some pvc hose, and a sheet of aluminum, then introduced a static charge to the apparatus... can you imagine what happened next. If not ill give you a hint


He needed new underwear, and he stunk for the rest of the day like digested french food.

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so hopefully the following will make everyone feel better about themselves:



exhibit A of the stupidity I deal with:


Car nose dives.. the team does not believes this has nothing to do with suspension and slowing the rebound in the rear will help nothing at all


their solution: buy a wing from a stock car (or something like that). They claim it has enough engineering behind it that it has to work on a mini baja.. because things like what car its on and velocity have nothing to do with aerodynamics



exhibit B:


i was told that ABS did not stop your brakes from locking up.. because if you hit the brakes hard enough the friction overcomes the ABS.. and thats why people squeal tires when they get in wrecks

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oh i have some fun stories...


to girl who has done nothing all year and still doesnt know how our design works:


"can you take this apart and weigh each component and write that down"


"yeah is there a weighing machine?"

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they are such fracking buttheads




i texted them at like 9-10 in the morning and asked when they were going to the shop.. THEY have the key to the shop.. i live an hour away.. i can't just drive up there and HOPE they are up there.. so the one guy is being a fracking douche bag and all 'i dont have time to tell people who were not here when we'll be here'


this is the same guy who wants to work on a RACE team and doesnt know what a slave cylinder or ABS is

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What happens when you have a crapty rear suspension design AND let people who are not the best at driving drive:







(kept flipping.. probably mainly due to way to narrow of rear track width.. somehow did that)

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look closer


the springs were on there until they literally pulled the shocks apart


the bottom half is still attached to the bottom mount (right about the axle).. the top half of them are attached as well (not in the picture)




but they defiantly somehow ripped them apart.. said it happened while it was rolling



looked like this:


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still trying to figure out why your running a dual suspension set up on a fixed axle. You should have had them just triangulate the rear suspension and run a single coil over. Also I belive I said a few months ago that rear track was too narrow. But then again what do I know, never went to school for engineering, I just build aircraft from raw stock, and rebuild unibody cars. I knows nothing.

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I'm a complete noob at engineering and to me the completely vertical suspension is at odds with the direction of travel given that the front of the trailing arm assembly is hinged and would allow the rear end to flex in an arc, thus putting tremendous lateral pressure on the suspension components.

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