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Okay guys. I'll just ask flat out: I know there are a bunch of aftermarket brands out there. Different aftermarket parts have the so-called "best brands". So with that in mind... the question is: "Who makes the best intake and/or intake manifold kit(s) and who makes the best headers and/or cat-back systems?". I am interested in non-turbo applications and I don't want my car to sound like complete crap. Plain and simple: Who makes the best stuff? Price doesn't matter...


I am also interested in (of course) the best brands for valvetrain parts (cams and all that).


I know the best brands for domestic muscle cars but for the imports I have no clue.

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technically speaking, all cars haul ass.


your question is too broad really.


in some area's brand mean nothing - like air intake systems. all the gain is the less restrictive air filter and ditching the snorkel. the actual piping and brand mean nothing provided it's wider then stock


same goes for exhaust. brands mean little aside from stainless vs mild steel and the actual sound output. cheaper exhausts sound like a cheap fart can, better exhausts sound slightly less like a fart can.


header makes a big difference. smsp makes some nice gear that have proven gains without all the bs hype

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Well maybe my question is a little too broad. Considering I'm usually a domestic guy... I don't know about imports that much. It almost sounds like intake and exhaust don't really matter that much... but be that as it may. I was wondering about the valvetrain too... if you guys preferred one over another. I know the big gains are in turbos but don't know if the stock bottom end will withstand it. That's why I want opinions on NA applications.

Thanks for the replies guys!!

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b16 is crap... i have one. it sits on an engine stand with a bag over it *looks over at it*

exactly why you should have got a b18


as for what the OP was asking... i wouldnt waste my time with a D15B7.. buy something worth building like a b18c1 or 5 or at least a b16b.. then start building it while you keep your little d in the car.. and after youre done building put the B in and have a quick ass all motor b series car.. TAH DAH!



as for intake:: a AEM cold air will work fine

intake mani:: skunk 2 is good

header:: JASMA! or hytech, DC..

exhaust:: skunk 2 make really good affordable exhausts, or if you want to go dumb you could have a performance shop (NOT MIDAS or some dumb sh!t like that) custom make you a v band mandrel bent exhaust with a spoon muffler, if you want more power either have a test pipe made or you can buy one

as for valve terrain:: i would go with brian crower if you have money to blow, and i would keep the type R cams if you bought a b18c5 or b16b


and if you do all this work you better not forget a really good suspension, tires, and some aftermarket motormounts!!




and if you want power.. just build and boost that shizz!! Boost >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> all motor, ANY DAY!

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everyone hates on the D15B7 shame on you guy's.


OP if money is no object then here is what i suggest. build the B7 either buy crower rods and vitara's with all the proper accessories ie bearings, gaskets, etc etc, or wait for a few companies that are in the process of coming out with much cheaper rods. then piece together a turbo kit like a holset hx35 or something and run like 20 p.s.i on pump gas (93 oct). then you will have a monster d15b7 and a complete sleeper. if money was not a problem for me i would have a 300+ whp D15b7 right now just to say i had 1. im hoping by this time next year thats where i'll be at



as for your original questions.


intake- pretty much any ebay c.a.i with a good filter i.e K&N etc will be fine

I.M - skunk2 or blox from what i understan blox is pretty much the same thing as SK2 just cheaper

header- imo either a 00'+ y8 header or dc

cam- i've heard good things about bisimoto regrinds

exhaust- i'd say have local exhaust shop custom build you a 2.5" to any muffler of your choice


but if you have any of this done you have to keep in mind the only way you'll really feel any big difference is if you have your car tuned to get the max potential out of the mods.

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