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dash thing broke


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Awesome title right?



Anyway my trip-ometer thing is stuck.. and its making me mad because i try to keep track of gas usage and what not




anyone else have this problem? please tell me there is a secret place to hit and fix it cause i don't want to take apart the dask :)

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actual odometer is fine


its just when i pushed the button in to set the trip one to 0 the first number didnt move and the second two got stuck halfway between numbers




when i push the button I can see the pieces in between the numbers move but it wont roll back

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that makes me feel better.. i've always had a slight fear about taking any dash stuff apart lol



instructions in manual or no? i'd go look but i have to find my manual first lol i dont think ive ever had to use it





and if i do toothpick trick it should work normally after? i hate when little annoying crap doesnt work on the car

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Off the top of my head I know that there are two screws near the top of the gauges. Unscrew those and you can pull out the panel. Then you have to unplug the harness for your aux lights, etc. After that there should be one more screw on a metal bracket that you have to remove on top of the cluster and a couple more on the sides.


I may have mixed up a few steps but it's very straight-forward and once you undo one thing you'll very easily see where to go next.


As far as dismantling goes I just use a couple of flat head screws drivers to undo the plastic clips holding it in. I usually use two because if I only use one, when I go to undo the next clip, the clip I undid first gets pushed back in. I hope that helps and I'll try to find some pics for you if I can.

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pull off the hazard and aux button holders, un clip, set aside

unscrew the garnish (i think, maybe just pull cant remeber)

unscrew the screws holding the cluster in (4 or 6)

pull cluster 1/2 way out, un plug all 3 bundles

pull rest of way out, done.

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This works on my Silverado when it wants to stick, hold button in while going forward a few feet, or backwards....worth a shot...I too dont like taking dash apart, but have found it quite simple once done...good luck sweetie... :)

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Yeah I have the same problem if I reset it it goes all the way to 9 miles and nine thenths and just clicks after that like it's stuck on something lol


The like above really helped thanks stevotron5000 lol


Stange... my tripometer does that as well... sticks at 9.9 miles

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