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95 civ sedan


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My car. Just getting a little bored with it. Owned if for four years now and would just like something different to look at in the driveway.



needs new tires. old ones are getting hard and cracking

developing rust on the quarters, but not normal honda cancer for some reason. leading edge of wheel well is the source. you can see it in the pic below

needs exhaust rehung at cat/header junction. it's solid but jingles against the frame crossbrace atm. would have already done it but only exhaust shop near me can't accomodate my car this low and i haven't spent the time to raise it up.

interior is a mess, dirty and only half assembled. headliner is missing. i have all the parts, just not in. dyed (not painted) most of it black.

broke the front o2 sensor installing the header. throws a cel but mileage unaffected? (*shrug*)


pros (i guess):

F&F coils

apexi ws2 cat back

generic high flow cat

megan stainless header

blox lca's

skunk2 front and rear camber sets

rear disc conversion

brembo blanks with hawk pads all around

stainless lines

90 prelude si buckets

carbing front and rear frame braces

cheesy ebay smoked projectors

14" sol si rims


215k on the car


leaks nothing

runs well


i have an assortment of spare parts too, make an offer on all so i can clean out my garage:

d series si trans (5k on aamco rebuild)

y8 auto trans with broken mount

two y8's with heads removed. in various states of disassembly but have all parts. presumed one had spun rod bearing and one had warped head

d17a1 block, probably with a bad crank. rough shape but could be a nice core for a build

z6 head

box of harnesses and sensors. what they are and what they go to I have no idea. probably from ej automatics which is where the y8 motors came from.



want to pocket 2k for the car or make an offer for everything. if i don't get 2k, no sweat. i'll just probably part it out over the winter.


probably forgot a bunch of stuff. it's a project with highlights. don't expect much.








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for what you are looking to do it might be a nice project. strip the sedan down and put your stock parts on it and then drive the sedan or sell it off.


also has a new rack, inner and outer tie rods and newer half shafts.


In the 4 years I have had this car I think I put a grand sum total of 8k miles on it. The majority of the brake and suspension parts have been installed for less then 4k miles.

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yeah thats the plan. but i was either going to tear everything off of the sedan and put on the hatch. or just build me a nice 4 door since you dont see them a lot.


he cant remember which car is yours so he wants to talk it over when he gets home saturday lol. im trying hard on this one

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i only want 4dr vehicles. not that i won't have a 2dr, 4dr is my first pref.


the golf, cherokee and civ are all 4dr. currently trying to sell the ram and the cherokee so i can buy one 4dr 4x4 pickup.

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Do it demon buy the 4dr part out your hatch and build up the sedan way cleaner and I'm sure more reliable.


The exterior might be cleaner. His was a wreck repair, mine is in need of some quarter panel lovin though. The interior is complete parts wise but needs a lot of work to finish. When I got the car it had sat with the sunroof ajar in a salvage yard for two years. Water ruined the headliner, front seats and carpet. I stripped the interior and no rust, tossed the sh1t carpet and put in a cheap black ebay carpet (which fits alright, just never finished it). Found the clean prelude seats off a local guy running his lude circle track. Friend of mine cut the seat rails in half and welded them back together. They are correctly mounted, sliders intact and sit a little lower then the stock seats did, which is nice for us tall guys.


Car has a rebuilt salvage title due to the city of Dayton taking possession of the car after it was abandoned at the city impound lot. No joke, the guy got the car impounded do to excessive unpaid parking tickets.


Edit: I have pics of the interior out to validate the no rust claim.

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yeah im trying to press my dad into this one. he wants some parts, i want some. hell we should just buy the car and take what we need lol. id like to pick this up get the hatch put together the rest of the way. or fix up the sedan and sell the hatch shell for a turbo kit and have a boosted z6 sedan. either way jason im going to let you know asap. i should know by saturday night.

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jason i hate to see you get rid of this. you were my sedan buddy. if i had the money id take it cuz i love the sedans but moneys tight and nothings free. glws.




david if you get it frack the hatchback you should build this



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idk man. i adore my hatch. its been my little baby. and im not really a 4dr guy. but idk lol. jason, if you can, please pm me every pic you can of the car, parts and all. that way i can show my dad tomorrow. plan is for me to take all the suspension and exhaust and other goodies, dad wants the rims, possibly seats(with modification)..idk yet though. he wont come off of his route until saturday, ill talk to him then and get back with you



if i do build it...its gonna be sick. the z6 would be pulled and rebuilt for boost and dropped in the sedan

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Central Ohio and $2000 for the car.


David, I will get back to you on as many pictures as I can round up. I wasn't home last night but for sleeping and will be the same story tonight.


Pics above show the header, the ac removal, the seats and the unclean interior.


ebay halos, shorty mirrors and another shot of wheels and my ding free door panels. go figure. both sides are clean. Paint on wheels is decent. it has a couple chips in it where the caps clip on and off. I have all the center caps.




got camber? what was required to do my minor tuck without rubbing despite driving aggressively.




when i had blades on it. i sold them to brian for his sol.




prepainted wheels. no rash, just separation of the clear from the wheels made funny spots in the finish. lightly sanded them and painted matte black





little ebay halo love. the halos are wired to be on any time the car's ignition is engaged. they cannot be turned off unless you turn off the car. i used the ac compressor wiring, which had a 12v constant. probably could pull the 12v signal wire instead and put them on the ac button on the climate control.




white face overlay with my unassembled dash






couple years ago when i first installed the coils




the rear carbing frame bar, blox lcas, and the F&F coils in this shot. not pictured are the SS brake lines on rear discs. You can just make out the blue aluminum mounting flange for the lines. In the reflection you can see the old blue Sol. :). Other notable on this pic, the front tires are on 2x6's because the car is so low you cannot slide a floor jack under any jack point on the car.






not even registered yet. owned the car for 3 months before it was driven









missing and moldy headliner





ignition long since fixed









Original CL ad picture. as it sat in the junk yard. needed only an alternator, tires reinflated and the bumper reattached from the tow truck knocking it off to be roadworthy.



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Hey man were did u get your white layout for gauges??





WAY better then crap from eBay. They custom make each overlay. You get to choose the font, the letter coloring, the face coloring, indiglo style or backlit style, add your own graphics and much more. All for around $100 and it's made in the US. When I get my next car it will be one of the first things I do to it.

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