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    DC sport headers, cold air intake, short throw shifter, coilovers
  1. what would i all need to put this in my car?
  2. how hard is it to do the conversion kits on a hatch i have a 93 and want to put a 97 front lip on mine
  3. these are nice. how much r u wanting for them?
  4. so how much for it and where r u located?
  5. how do u upload a photo?

  6. BryceWD

    93 Hatch Forsale

    My 93 Honda Civic Hatch Is Forsale. its a 5 speed with 139xxx miles on it. It has a motor swap done which is now a b18 b1 in it. It has DC Sport Headers, Ram Air Intake, Coilovers only on the front, Short Throw Shifter, plugs and Wires, and the Valves were just adjusted on it. Im Asking $3000 OBO And If u Know how to post pictures on here let me know and ill put some on i just haven't figured out how to do it yet.
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