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What Color Should I Paint The Sol?



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  1. 1. Which Color?

    • Brilliant Silver.
    • Championship White.
    • Performance Red.
    • Jet Black.
    • Deep Blue.

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I chose white... cos I got a bit of a fetish for white sols...

Second choice would be to keep it black though. If you need some photoshoppery to help you make up your mind, just gimme a shout.


Silver is boring...every other car on the road is silver.

Red, red looks damn good on a sol...makes it look sporty!

Deep blue...hmm I was a fan of blue sols, like I was gonna get a blue one, but it's a bit tame looking compared to the other choices, bar silver. If it was a real nice deep blue though, I'd say that would be my 3rd choice maybe.

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Id have to go silver, VSM sols are teh sex, and you dont see many of them (think i have seen 3 including mine total in person). Only problem with silver sols is they are cursed like a mofo, throw in the new tire curse and your car will last all of 10 miles :(

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I think the blue and silver both look good. I just want something different around my area.


well those are the ones you need to look at if you want something different as far as your choices go. black, white and red have been done to death.

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gold actually looks really nice. and gunmetal looks sweet as hell.


True story.

This first one is one of my fave ever sols, sick colour, even sicker wheels.




White also looks sh*t hot too...(Edit, this pic is also proof as to why that noob Trae ought to spray his front lip, looks sooooooooo much cleaner).





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I'd like to go silver, with my purple control arms and crap. and these rims, with just the center painted purple like the blox purple control arms.


Sebby, photo shop this color....



on the center part of these...


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