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3000Gt to FTO

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you think buying/building a 3000GT will cost LESS then a del sol?



are you dumb?




ESP. if you want a vr4.. last vr4 i saw for saw was in not so great cond. and was still 7k+


let alone if you think you'll actually be able to USE the backseats for passengers they better be midgets





PLUS a honda is not hard to pass emissions.. its a H-O-N-D-A




just saying


and idk why you would WANT a fwd vs rwd or awd so not as fun

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Really dont mind being a taxi b/c ive seen stuff come up were like 3 people needed a ride and i couldnt do that with a del sol or s2k....Yea i know buying a del sol would be cheaper than a 3000gt/FTO conversion but As i understand 3000gt is not a slow car and and i dont need a FTO quickly or anything so i can save up...Dont mind RHD

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Importing a Car would be more expensive.. I was looking into a 2001 S2K it was only 8 or 9 and was looking into bank loan...Dont get Licence for another month or so then not a car for about a month after that so a Civic EK will do good for now but want something different. Hence the FTO haha


and is this site legit www.carontrack.com

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Ive been looking more into it, would a 98' Eclipse or 2001 Eclipse work?


Not putting down the Del Sols but what is so special about it? Isnt no more Different then say 99' Civic Coupe..Plz excuse my ignorance if im wrong.


BTW Nice pic Ben :thumbup:

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um lets see here,

the civic does not have

Targa Top

Rear window that rolls down

Most comfortable seats honda ever made

2 seater

aux lights standard

A little more nimble than a civic

and extremely more sexy.


No one gets excited when they see a civic, but all of my friends I havent seen in a while want to take a ride in the sol... because its that awesome (cause i certainly am not)


You are sorely mistaken my friend because



Looks and drives nothing like




Thats like saying a FTO is the same as a suzuki swift.


And if you cant tell the difference between a Sol and a civic... you might want to wait a few years till you get your license.


Also if you want mitsu advice goto the mitsu forums Mr.S2K bench seat.

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Dnt rlly want to create a Account on a Mitsub. forum bcuz wont rlly use it that would be the only question i have on Mitsubs...And as for the Del Sol thing i Can physically tell the dif bewteen a Civic and a Sol but ive grown up more around civic only seen a couple of del sols and ive never ridden in one so I dont no crap when it comes to del sols...Is that want im gnna be know for, The s2k bench lol

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See if you can find a sol to take for a test drive... You'll fking love it.

And yes Ben, that Si does look a lot cleaner... but then that has been modded, and the sol is stock.


Only took one test drive to get bit by the Sol bug! :thumbsup: One 10 min test drive roof off, rear window down, and took some pretty good corners fell in love, and said fuuck CRX's, and coupes! :D

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the del sol is the s2ks predecessor.. and WAY bigger


i sat in a guys s2k while he sat in mine.. dont know how people fit in those damn things



True but theres alot of times i got out some1 and more than 1 person needs a ride only downside


tell them to get a f'in job or a mommy and daddy like yours that will buy them a car :D




Hmmm Del Sol with 01' Teg' Jdm Front and B18C3.Could that be love? :wub: lol....Or F20C, would it fit?


front end conversions are A LOT harder then you think it will be.. not to mention its not easy to make it look good (body lines etc)


and you'll get crap from everyone.. i get crap about my front end conversion all the time from people on here but i love it :wub:


and since your in highschool and never really had a car.. wouldnt it be a good idea to get one that when you wreck it it wont suck so bad.. and dont say you wont wreck it.. cause the cars you want just beg to be drove hard.. and your not very experienced.. you will wreck it eventually.. or get your license suspended.. or arrested for street racing


best thing you can do.. get a nice stock vehicle to mod later (aka sol) and go to a performance driving day at your local track

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If you think "mommy and daddy" are buying me a car ur WAY off lol thell help me but im gonna be mostly on my own. Yea i have been reading up on the front end conversions and seeming more and more difficult evry post i read haha but theres a couple of local body shops around. Yea but the stubborn side of my teenage mind has fallen for the s2000 lol but Ive drivin my bros 07 Mazda 6 and the power on that gets some taking use to ive peeled out a couple of times so i know im not ready for a s2k sadly :(. And that was my plan from the beginning, to buy a civic or something and each mod i add will add some speed so ill gt use to it slowly probolly wont buy and honda with a stock motor though.

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