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Need parts? I run a del sol junk yard.

JDM Reverend

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If your looking for parts, I might have what you need. I frequently obtain and dismantle del sols.


I can ship every part including doors, hoods and trunk lids at decent prices.


Please pm me with your parts list. It also helps to include your price budget so I can figure out ahead of time what to charge you. I am reasonably fair with my pricing, since I really do this to help you finish your car.


I can source EDM and JDM parts as well.



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Wow. You have have any inkling what shipping from US to Ireland would be on something that large? OMGWTFBBQ! It might be cheaper to buy a whole other car. :crazy:

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you brits have it all f-ed up. A boot goes on the bottom of your foot and a bonnet goes on the back of your head. The respective human body locations all wrong in relation to car location. At least the americans have the trunk in the right area: the ASS!

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i want seats
i also need seats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



and i need the plastic piece that bolts under the car that everyone takes off


Sure. Any color preference? I don't have a decent set now but I can find them.


Also, are you referring to the black splash guard that bolts under the front radiator support?

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that pretty awesome.. dont know how.. dont care..



how much would actual seats be?



i have teg seats and they drive me crazy


they range. I don't have a set now but I can find a set. Usually around 100-150

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