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Thinking of purchasing a S2000


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i am thinking of purchasing a s2000, the 2000 model, I live in boston mass, and if anyones familiar with winter in that area, I frequently travel down the mass pike from framingham to cambridge and I was wondering how a s2000 would handle in the winter time around here and whether putting a set of nice snow tires on it and maybe throw a couple sandbags in the trunk to weigh it, would help it to stay put on the road and not slide around constantly. This would be my first time driving a RWD car and something this light weight, it is a car I would very like to own how ever I need a daily driver for the entire year and if I am unable to find my other choices of nice cars that can easily be a daily driver, this s2000 is something I would settle for assuming it did ok in the winter time.

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it's doable, though. people drive mustangs 240s camaros and all different kinds of torquey cars up there in the winter. if you're up for paying for a good set of tires and crap then go for it. just be careful on snowy roads is all. I've tried driving with an old GMC jimmy with bald tires and no weight in the back without 4x4 right after a blizzard. If i could do it when i was learning how to handle snowy conditions with a HORRIBLE vehicle, you can too.

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doable but very tricky, especially with the potenzas (all the performance SUMMER tires re-11, re-07's ect) you have to use second gear to start and can very easily get stuck in 3-4'' of snow. i have a set of winter tires on my stock rims and set of dunlop direzza star spec (amazing dry/wet traction, similar dry, better wet compared to oems or other potenzas)

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