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    01 s2000, 91 civic si hatch
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    stock s2k, junkyard porche twin turbo made to fit (with a lot of welding) to the civic

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  1. *ALL PARTS ARE FROM A 2001 S2000 unless indicated otherwise* Items for sale: I have a set of very low mileage 2001 s2k springs and shocks which were replaced at 13,xxx miles. They were replaced for lowering springs, not due to wear (remember, only 13,xxx miles on them). Of course no rust, bending, tension loss, or anything of that sort. If your s2k has over 50,000 miles or are starting to show signs of spring tension loss, this is the perfect deal for you. Also, good for people with ap2, if you want slightly stiffer springs for better handling. Or someone that just wants a set of future
  2. I have a set of wheels from a 2010 Accord Coupe. 17'' alloys with only 6800 miles driven with them before being replaced with aftermarkets. They are in like-new condition. Absolutely no curb rash, bumps, or scratches. A link to the design of the wheels (not the actual wheel): http://www.cargurus.com/images/2007/...pic-27175.jpeg Wheels will fit Accords, Civics, and S2000's. $650 OBO (reduced) Ships from 21042. Will meet halfway for local buyers within 100 miles. If seriously interested PM me for actual pictures of the wheels.
  3. have it at the shop (body shop) will reply
  4. ap1 are more fun to drive anyway and faster from a roll than an ap2 (although ap2 will barely edge out in 0-60) 9000 RPM!!!!!!! thats all i have to say
  5. ive closely beaten stock stis from a roll 40 and 60 mpg. in a race, if the cars are close, the driver's shifting capabilities make a much bigger impact
  6. get a harness and all the colors should match up and you dont have to cut the factory harness. there is also a diagram showing which wire is which
  7. you cant get just the plastic, but you can get the plastic and the cloth that surrounds it. (how else would you install them) http://www.hondaautomotiveparts.com/home.htm
  8. take them off, put some sealant around the edges.
  9. YES IT WILL FIT AND IT WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT BE A PROBLEM. The weight difference will be insignificant thus any "strain" on your tranny will be next to nothing....no troubles will be created by getting the 17''s. Also, the suspension was not changed from ap1 to ap2 as far as the wheels are concerned so no problem there, even if youre taking the car to the track. it is a very monor change and remember the s2k except the change to the (F22C engine and matching tranny) for ap2 has changed very little over the years. So many parts such as the clutch disc are the same part in any year s2k, ap1 or ap2
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