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93d3ls0l's build thread


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hey everyone,


so i had some time figured i start one of theese.....


i have a 1993 del sol s

5 speed

d15b7 block


engine mods


1.6 head port and polished

msd dist. cap, rotor button.

blaster ss coil

9mm wires

cold air intake

cat back


visual mods

inperio 16's ( not sure of type m05? )



jl audio 10"

sony explode 550 watt amp

dual deck

4x 100 watt clairion door speakers


most recent pic. link


im going to get some more


and yes im aware it isnt the nicest looking sol but thats why i like it. sleeper material

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cool man. definitely needs a drop, and i think if you smoked the tails it would look a lot better


yeah i forgot to mention the tail lights the prev. owner cut the lense off top half of tail lights kinda lame ( iso stockers maybe )


i also like theese. http://store.racer-union.com/Tail-lights/H...L-p4455517.html

for the head lights i like theese. http://www.octanemotorsports.com/product_i...1999#googlebase


i dont wanna do too much visually because i want a sleeper.

also i just got 4 kumho ecsta ast's 205/50/16 ( for free w00t ) they have almost full tread about 2k miles on them

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those are the exact same headlights and taillights i have. get them from ebay, they are cheaper there. if you get the taillights be careful when you install them the stupid bolts break off pretty easy. Ive got one broken bolt on each of my tallights


thanks for the advice its allways nice to know what to look forward too


looking nice

we have sister cars lol


have fun with the z6 in the future


what all are you planning on doing


well with in the next month my current set up will be boosted with a k03 off a passat 1.8t ( will add pics off installation process ) . then over the winter ill be building a D16z6 and boosting it w/ a t05 ( will add pics of that also ) . i dont plan on doing too much cosmetically because next summer i plan on racing at eppin, NH and i like sleepers. I was thinking maybe of painting it back to red but the white has grown on me

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sorry about quality of pic ... but here it is my intercooler and turbo ill be using ( i painted the intercooler )

turbo is a k03 off a '01 passat 1.8t

small turbo = quick spool ftw!!!



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stock del sol tails FTW


but you need a dump


have fun with the boosted D :happy:


1. they should be in the mail later today if everything goes right


2. what do you mean by dump? if you mean down pipe that and the turbo manifold is being fab'd should be done by middle of this week


3. thanks much . cant wait to race my friend's contour svt again. this time wont be so close and im not telling him its boosted till after i blow his doors off :thumbup:

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That small factory turbo will limit your total power production. I'm pretty sure it has an internal wastegate , turbine ratio's determine your spool not only size.


i dont mind having limited power this gonna be a temp. frankenstien boost setup . just to get whatever power i can out of it will do should put me over 150whp which will be fun for a lil bit. yes it does have a internal wastegate .

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you do realize you could probably get to there or close to that without a turbo easily


yeah but i have just about everything i need and i never boosted a car before. why not start here and learn everything i can before i actually build and boost it? plus it'll be fun should pep it right up give me the pull i want out of 3rd , 4th , and 5th for now .



also just got my new rubbers on my rims today. waiting on a few small fittings and crap to setup turbo. ( will add pics of installation )

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