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one of the rare times they curled up together recently (more like, the cat refused to move!)




Cailean, helping me make some of the wedding decorations



memphis... he's getting so big! (it's really hard to type with a 60lb dog in your lap who thinks he's a teacup yorkie)

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silly doggie


indeed. and not 10 minutes after I typed that, I took him out and the idiot tried to eat a frog/toad. Then realized it tasted bad, spat it out and began foaming at the mouth. heh. Then wondered why I wouldn't let him give me kisses when we came back inside... I swear, Memphis really wouldn't know how to survive if he was left on his own in the wild, he's so spoiled.

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Daisy and Silvia.


Daisy being the enormous bitch to the right.




Irony is the little one weighs about 61 pounds already. Daisy long breached the 100+ mark. Daisy is a year and a half old, Silvia is about 8 months.

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I know, it's hard to believe he's 18 mos now. He'll be 2 in January. It doesn't feel like it's been that long! Cailean just turned 5, i think and I remember getting up every 2 hours in the night to bottle feed him as a kitten...



the photo that made me fall in love... before I'd even seen him in person.


at one year old, playing in his first ever snowfall.



Cailean on the day I found him

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