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childhood memories


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i'm stealing this from another forum, but it was pretty popular there. you only need to post one childhood memory, i will post several cuz i have nothing better to do..


regretful memory:

the first guy i liked.. and wow did i ever like him, he was the opposite of everything i am, i was well mannered, he was crass, i was family oriented, his family was a train wreck.. you get the idea. also he was hot, but thats irrelevant.


anyways, my friend was dating a guy that was older than her, and she lied to her rents and said that she and i were going to the skating rink 'cause they did not like this guy. truthfully i didnt either but that doesnt matter, there was a party and he was the one throwing it. that mattered very much.


after i pick her up we go to the old girl scout camp (party central) and the hot guy that i like is there. not that i would ever talk to him, different social circles and all, and he was beneath mine (god even i hate me) but i did like to look. often. fast forward many underage beers later and the keg is tapped. hot guy that i have been crushing on offers me a beer. i accept. we spend the next 2 hours chatting and i am finally actually enjoying myself cause we have a lot in common. he asked to kiss me. how sweet was that? well many hours later i am still a virgin, but i was worried i may have lock jaw when i woke up. that was my first sexual experience ever.


the next monday at school i pray no one finds out about this. it would destroy my reputation. in the same token seeing this guy made my heart pound in my ears. he saw me in the hallway and called out to me and in front of all those people i pretended not to hear him and i walked to my class like he didnt mean a thing to me. when i got to the door i peeked down the hallway to see him look so ****ing crushed that i cursed myself for being the weak willed person that i am that i would turn my back on him for appearances sake.


2 years later he told some of people at the school what we had done. no one believed him, but i knew he did it for a reason. you dont keep a secret that long then decide to try and ruin my reputation. he committed suicide a week later. supposedly the girl he was dating got pregnant and she went and had an abortion without telling him. he had been screwed over by another girl. im not quite narcissistic enough to believe that he killed himself because i betrayed him, but what if i had talked to him that day when he reached out to me? would he have ever met that other girl? so many what ifs, and i still live with the guilt of that day.


weird memory:

once upon a time i beat the **** out of a girl 2 years my senior because she hit me in the face. i dont remember beating her up, i remember the color red, and after that i only remember being pulled off her. i was told later that it took 3 guys to pry me away from her and that i was screaming something in what they though was spanish. i dont know spanish.


silly memory:

i tried to catch a bunny, i stalked the poor thing forever and i never got him. dammit.


past dream:

i ran over my dad with a steamroller, but its okay cause he was a cartoon so he just blew himself back up to normal by blowing into his thumb.


scary memory:

i was at the school bus stop when i was in i think 1st grade, but i'm not really sure, a couple guys pulled up and asked us for directions to the mall, i knew how to get there and proceeded to tell them "go up there then go that way, then at the stop sign go that way.." they suggested i just get in and show then the way, my friend jenny started screaming stranger danger at the top of her lungs and her parents came running as the car sped off.

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s_adbell: sounds like you had some pretty bad ones back then, i wouldnt blame yourself for him doing that. you are a very nice girl:)

regretful memory:

tolerating being made fun of everyday of highschool. i am at the bottom of the money ladder, poor family, poor neighborhood. got made fun of for where i live(still live there). got made fun of for everything, wasnt a ladies man at all. so i turned to sports, nearly everyone there hated me, i was good, better than most, and stronger. but it was always a money issue for me. same with the name, if you didnt have enough money or the right last name you were nothing. from 9th grade through 12 i would have done nothing, not a thing. just stand by and let them say what they wanted. its a different story now...


weird memory:

waking up at home when i had been in cincinnati just 2 hours earlier at a party...still puzzled on that one


silly memory:

farting in car while on a family vacation. its raining so the windows are rolled up....never seen my family turn such a shade of green :D


past dream:

three years ago i dreamed about meeting a beautiful girl, woke up the next day and went with grandparents to a fun-day thing at our local church..i met her there that day and weve been together ever since


scary memory:

me and dad were coming back from columbus, had just gotten my laptop. semi driver fell asleep at the wheel and swerved left of center, dad grabbed the wheel and pulled us off the road into a ditch, took a wrecker to get us out, but were were ok. the semi ended up hitting a honda oddessey behind us, killed both driver and passenger of the van, semi driver died 2 days later at mount carmel west hospital.


were it not for my dad i probably wouldnt be here right now :)

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Allison, that guy's life was more complicated than you ever knew so don't blame yourself :)

David, that sucks but now they must be jealous because you are better at sports and good looking and have an awesome gf :)


my memories:

On vacation like always with the family, cousin and I find uncle's gun and try to shoot dragon flies with it and mostly hit the trees haha

Sound of bombs waking us up at night and hiding in the bomb shelter...only for a few months did this happen...

Fighting a girl at school and winning...

Teaching myself how to ride a bicycle and then teaching my little sister...

Playing fun games with my sisters and cousins :)

Teaching myself how to drive stick by stalling 10 times and getting stuck on the hills lol

Same cousin flipping the car over going 70mph and me finding a hole in the back to drag my sisters out and my cousin...my sister repeating her

questions many times within seconds at the hospital but then she got ok...my knee getting messed up...we were all ok.

Yesterday, my dream car, which I used to get wet over, driving away...

Family get togethers...fun...food...jokes and laughing... :)

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i remember playing with matches when i was little and almost catching the house on fire. my mum came in and caused me to burn my fingers. got yelled at and had to sit in living room

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okay, I've been thinking long and hard about this to try and come up with some... It appears I've repressed 90% of my childhood and I can't remember a whole lot without prompting.


worst memory-

my mother had cervical cancer when I was 3. It was quite possibly the most traumatic experience I've ever been through. Until then I'd never been left with a babysitter for more than a couple of hours- she didn't ever go anywhere without me, she'd never been for a night out or a weekend away and I didn't understand why she wasn't there. She tried to make me understand what was going on, in a way that wouldn't scare me but my dad blew all of that away when he basically said "she's very, very sick. she's in the hospital to get better. if she doesn't get better then she'll die." It terrified me. I wasn't allowed to see her for several days following her hysterectomy- she didn't want me to see her with tubes down her nose & throat, IV's in each arm etc. because she was afraid it would scare me & that I wouldn't understand what was going on. When I did finally get to see her, I curled up on her bed next to her and I refused to move. My dad had to pick me up and carry me out of the hospital while I screamed, yelled, cried and tried to beat him up. When she came home, my dad taught me to dial 911 in case anything happened since he could take the time off work to look after her and it took a very long time for her to recover. I suffered from extreme separation anxiety


other memories-

- nearly drowning in the neighbourhood pool when I was 4 because some idiot reversed the filter system so instead of sucking the old water down through grates in the bottom of the pool & putting it back in through the jets in the walls, it was sucking through the walls and out through the bottom. I went to climb out, my foot got sucked into the wall and I was pulled under. I was scared of water before that, I've been terrified of it since then.


- feeding/playing with the ducks in my grandmothers backyard


- tricking everyone into thinking I wasn't very good at reading. I was just lazy and didn't want to do it. When I went to England for 3 months in 2nd grade my mother told the teachers I wasn't very good with my reading skills and they'd have to take some extra time with me. When I sat down with the teachers for evaluations, I shocked them by reading at a 5th grade level.

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ooh. looking at jewelry spawned another memory...


I was looking at this: http://www.bonadrag.com/shopmain/flair/hummingbird.html

and I realized why I desperately want to buy it. Not because it would freak people out but because it reminds me of my first day of 4th grade. I was playing outside and I found a dead hummingbird on our driveway- it had flown into the garage doors and killed itself. I wrapped it up in a napkin & cellophane, stuck it in the freezer and saved it for the first day of school when we had to bring in a bag of about 5 items that we felt represented us or our interests. I took the bird with me and freaked everyone out. I'd wanted to keep it in a jar of formaldehyde but the teacher wouldn't let me take it home again and insisted that it had to be thrown away.

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