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new honda del sol


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hey everyone im Justin, i used to own 1993 del sol s and that bit the dust a while ago and now i have a 1995 del sol si. After months of fixing things like clutch, brakes, and tires im starting to make it mine.



so far i have installed a Short Ram Intake, new black headlights, aux lights and taillights, painted the calipers and a few other small things around the car.







future things are tint, lowering kit, rims, new paint job, headers, exhaust, and eventually a new engine.

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umm welcome back?


i like the headlights and auxies, im not too much a fan of the euro tails but it looks clean dude.. keep it up :thumbsup:





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hershey meet in august!? haha i live close enough i might be able to make that! let me know when it happens!


also... so im not thread jacking up in here!



sold looks great man love the headlights and fogs... not much fan of the tails... see if u can get the glass tinted on them... will look 10x better! and paint and everything looks pretty clean...good find!!

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diablo you might, i work at Red Robin so im always around that stupid park. i agree with the euro tail, they were off my old del sol and until i find another pair that i like better they have to stay.


The last one had 195k on it and the piston rings went or something along those lines and i wasnt going to spend the money to fix it due to rust and the car being an S version.


Tinting will hopefully be done next week just trying to find a place to do it and not spend a fortune. Other then that i just want to find a good lowering kit, some nice 16 or 17 inch rims, get a stock spoiler on the car, lip kit, interior needs a new carpet and seats, and last but not least headers and a catback exhaust.


when is this meet taking place by the way? Im all for a meet where i only have to drive 15 minutes lol

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